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Couch to 5K
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W9 R3 . Where is W10 R1?

Wind was really bad today , then it rained, then it got too hot. I did notice after this run that the cadence stats were showing less steps per minute and I thought this a bit strange as I tried to run quite fast today and felt I did so for the first 3km as I was running; maybe it was the wind. Anyway I broke my own 5K target (32mins)

I have to say I am finding it a lot easier without the heat and flies.

No sub 30 minute 5K yet but in a way I am glad as it gives me something to aim at. And I am really feeling that it's best to mix it up in order to continue running with different courses and park runs. I did these runs with no music ("new fangled technology"), and no podcasts so I think it's a good achievement to not quit something. I'm not saying that it's a disaster to quit and people have things going on in their lives that mean they might not finish but the point is you can come back and start from where you left off.

I did do a practice run in the middle of this week in case the sub 30 minute run was on today , but not with these legs it wasn't. Over the whole couch25k plan I did all the runs after finding this site, and 2 practice runs inbetween on a different course with hills. I don't know if the hills helped me, I'm guessing they did as I don't like them.

I will be still learning but all I can recommend anyone doing the couch25Kplan is start off slow, never run two consecutive days, and listen to your body.

Times: 31.55






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Now you have got here, by devious means, we noticed, remember to keep it slow and steady as far as progression is concerned. Parkrun will very likely give you that elusive sub 30 minute run in the not too distant future if you give it a go.

Keep running, keep smiling, fellow runner.

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Well done and congratulations on breaking through the 32 minute mark. Congratulations too on finishing the C25K plan. Best wishes for all future runs.


well done you, and perhaps a 10k plan next??


Never run consecutive days, alelulla! 😃👍🏼

Good achievement, I'm sure you will get a sub 30 min 5k, even if it takes a little longer than your earlier aspiration of within a week. Enjoy those Parkruns and watch that time steadily come down runner.

Give your body the attention it needs and I have no doubt you will achieve everything you wish from your running journey!

Have fun.


At last.. the word reaches all :)

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You got here...!!! as IannodaTruffe says, by a devious route but you got here...! Job done!

Just take a bit of time to bask in that post graduation glow and let the running evolve...?

Take your own advice, take it slow and listen to your body...if it starts making loud noises...slow down more.. :)


Ha! Well done DawnRun. You have shown great grit and determination; run your own path and (Frank Sinatra impression) Diiiiiid it Yooooouuuuurrrrr wayayayay :)

Well done and enjoy the running!


Thanks all for the replies. I'd say a 10k would be on the horizon, but I like the fact that a 30 minute run isn't too much time out of the day so will be doing consolidation runs I guess and definitely a park run or two. I'm gonna just focus on running rather than beating times, that's probably the best way to get a better time anyway. Whilst I am in no rush to do 10K, like other people I appreciate the structure of running to a plan or even not running to a plan. Good luck with your running.


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