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Had to force myself out last night wasn't feeling it at all and it reflected on my run.

It was a miserable evening and I nearly chocked on my first sip of my drink. After I composed myself I got my head down and decided to take it easy and just clock off the miles.

The rest of my run went fairly smoothly but I couldn't relax into it and it felt like a bit of a chore. The encouraging thing was that actually the pace I set was a pb and I really wasn't trying for one.

I feel happy in the fact that I completed the run and am quite excited to be 1 run away from a goal I never thought I would reach. I aim to be more focused for this and am going to treat myself to a completely new route at a local park to celebrate this hard but amazing journey.

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Well done you. Can I suggest you go running without the drink next time. If you keep hydrated throughout, you shouldn't need it. One less thing to carry as well


Thanks. Think I will leave the drink out next time although when it was really hot it was a refreshing boost I do find it is also a bit of a distraction that I could probably live with out.


Enjoy your last pre-grad run!

We are waiting on the party.....

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Thanks. I've got the champagne on ice lol


Pesky gremlins. I'm glad you rocked it anyway! One more run and that'll be you in the Graduate lounge then. I'll get my pompous ready :)


You did it so well done

A new route for the final run sounds like a great plan

Enjoy yourself. Good luck! 😃


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