WK8R1 with a red wine headache 🤕

So this run didn't start too well. I had a couple of glasses of red wine last night and felt it this morning! However I managed to run off the headache and thoroughly enjoyed the second half!

Just having a moment of feeling so proud of myself for how far I've come. Running has changed everything for me. I have never been a confident person...I overthink a lot but I can feel that's slowly changing. If I can run what else can I do? The world is my oyster!!

I just wish I'd discovered it sooner.

So close to the finish line now but I know for sure I'll be sticking around this forum...I'd be lost without you all now.

Anyway...happy Saturday lovelies ❤️


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7 Replies

  • I hear ya. I had a few white wines last night whilst watching Radiohead on TV at Glastonbury. I regretted it this morning at a Parkrun.

    Totally agree, I love this Forum too. Enjoy your last 5 runs. Your on the downhill section now.

  • Thank you. On the white tonight but no run in the morning 😀

    5 runs left arrghhh....what will I do without the programme to follow. I need a plan!

  • Very well done... :)

    This might make you smile..


  • Love this! Although I didn't agree for the first 15 minutes of my run 😀

  • Some people claim running is a good hangover cure, although it has not worked for me. So much so that I endeavour to be alcohol free before a run day.

    Your experience of learning to run mirrors my own. All that empowerment can be taken into the rest of your life. So many rewards from such a simple activity.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • It's an amazing feeling! I will always run now 😊

  • Good for you , you're a better woman than I am 😂

    Totally get this feeling you get from running , the sense of achievement is great and you deserve that!

    You go girl 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼

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