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Couch to 5K
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What a great day! I have finally reached the last stage having started back in September and after series of stops/starts, injury caused setbacks, and lots of frustration and massive encouragement from this forum, I have run full 30 minutes clocking in crazy time (for me) of 29.11 for full 5K, :))) No idea how, that was faster than my usual 6.30 per km, but I am well chuffed. I suppose the reason might be that I took my 28 min runs in the recent heat, this morning was breezy, god knows, I simply felt comfortable physically and mentally and smashed it. My last run on this journey is on Thursday early in the day so if anyone comes across a grey haired grinning bloke running in a south London park in full basketball kit, feel free to smile back!

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Keep it up speedy! Well done!


Yay, fantastic well done 😊🏃‍♀️


Wow, what a great time! Well done!


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