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wk9r1 That was horrible!

Since it was pouring down first thing this morning In decided to wait until it had stopped raining as don't have a suitable jacket. Eventually it stopped raining and it looked lighter, so put on a couple of tops and a lightweight wind proof jacket, hat and gloves. 10mins into the run and the heavens opened, strong gusts of wind followed by horizontal rain. No point turning round so carried on for another 5mins before heading for home. Logic was "I am wet now so may as well continue". When I was running the last minute another runner sped past me - this is someone I have seen out running over the last couple of years and she goes at one heck of a pace. Something to aim for!

After problems with MapMyRun I am trying Runkeeper, in the past have started the workout at the same time as starting the 5mins walk. This time decided to start the workout when the run started and stop at the end of the 30mins. So you can imagine how disappointed I am to see that in fact I only ran 3.82km in the 30mins. I know my pace is slow 7.5min/km, the route I am going now takes in a couple of long hills and so far have managed to keep running up them although very slowly. Looks like I am further away from achieving 5k than I hoped for and will need to run for another 8mins at least.

So the delight running for a full the 30mins was overshadowed by the disappointment in the distance achieved.

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There's another post like this this morning. Don't get hung up on distance. If you work your little body and give it time, speed will come too, I am sure.


Yes, I'd say that's par for the course, I do about the same distance in that time. I'm hoping I'll improve if I keep at it, but if not? I don't care much, I'm running and enjoying it.


It doesn't seem that many people are running 5k in 30 mins by the end of the programme. You will get there. 9 weeks isn't really that long in the scheme of things. Keep building on what you have and you will be getting to the 5k. Don't forget how far you have come. I bet you didn't imagine you would be running nearly 4k at the beginning. I think it if I had hills in my route I wouldn't be getting as far as you!


Well done for gettign out there in this weather!

I agree with the other responders. Don't worry about the distance. It will come. As long as you carry on with this healthy habit, you'll get to run as far as you want. Promise!


Its the 30mins that is important not the distance, the reason we're doing C25K is because we ain't runners at the start, we do over the several weeks become better at running but the majority of C25K's only get to within 10 mins of 5k at wk9 - then onward and upward to increase the speed.


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