Wk9r1 COMPLETE. ! Im buzzing

It Did last run of programme this morning and wow do I feel good. Beautiful sunrise, frost on the grass and trees appearing through th e mist but NO rain yea! (it has never rained on any of my runs -- maybe that has to be short term goal to run in rain) First 10 mins plodding as usual, 2nd 10 ok plodding and last 10 mins felt like I was floating--- fantastic. I have accepted that is how my runs go and do you know what I dont mind anymore. My goal when I started was to be able to run 1 mile charity race next May with my 3yr old grandson who has leukemia and I KNOW I will be able to do it Yea!!!!!! And double yea!! On the same day there is also a 5 mile race which I had signed up for and then found out it said miles and not k so been worried I wouldnt manage extra distance but after this morning I say bring it on. All I need to do is carry on training and I will do it. C25k has given me such confidence in what I can achieve with some work ( some HARD work )but the support you have all given me has kept me going So big hugs and kisses to you all. Thank you. thank you thank you

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  • WELL DONE YOU! and all strength to you for your amazing 5 mile race! Great feeling isn't it? Enjoy it!

  • Congratulations enjoy

  • Thanks beek and rockette

  • Well done, Fitfor60! That's a real achievement and puts my feeble efforts at 54 to shame! I bow down to your superiority!!

    All the best for your future running and also to your lovely grandson!He must be very proud! :)

  • Thank you Your efforts weren't feeble You should be proud you are a graduate I think all of us have problems and obsticles to our running no matter what our age I know there was no way I was in right place to do c25k when I was 54! My grandson is amazing and what he is going through with his treatment makes any problems I have seem trivial Good luck with your running

  • Thanks!! :) Please keep us posted about your duet run in May with your Grandson! I'm sure that we're all willing him on!

  • You and your grandson sound like a remarkable pair! Congratulations on your wonderful achievement and good luck for the run(s) in May.

  • Thank you but i am just a normal grandma - he's the star Ill let you know how I get on in may Good luck with your running

  • Well done fitfor60 on graduating and you will be fine come May next year - you have done the hard part which is C25K in the autumn, I did it late spring summer when I think it was just so much easier. Keep doing your ParkRun as well!!

  • Thanks for that c4ts

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