Finally! 5Km

Well I did it! Was out sting yesterday and thought... hmmmmm I will continue my route around this corner and back home (though there was a number of god awful inclines!)

I kept going and completed my first 5km with a five minute warm up and a warm down at the end.

35mins 36secs. I am over the moon!!!! I can't quite believe that I would manage it and I didn't care one jot about passing cars! Where ever you are in your journey keep it up!!!

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  • Excellent.its great when a run goes so well. Enjoy the feeling. You've earned it!

  • Thank you! 😜

  • Well done... it is so warm that getting out there early is the only way! :)


    Go get your Graduate badge too.. you earned it when you graduated:)

  • I have no idea how to get a badge lol

  • Link on the Graduate Badge link at the side..under pinned posts...

  • Yay, congrats!! It's inspiring to see people meeting their targets and that's a very good time!!

  • You got it.... the badge suits you :)

  • Where is it?

  • By your name...

  • Where is it?

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