First 40 minute 5km!

Hi everyone! I haven't posted for a while. I graduated in June and since then have been doing two thirty minute runs and a 5km run a week. For me I just enjoy running so I've no aims to do a 10km or half marathon. Maybe a Park Run one day!

Today I did my first 40 minute 5km - knocking over 2 minutes off my previous best time. It was hard work though. I do a scenic route for my 5km runs. I do 2.5km one way then turn back. Going there is up hill but my last km is downhill so I run it really fast. Today I think I ran it too fast as my chest was hurting in my warm down walk! Made it home safely though and felt ok once I'd had some water.

Also I've finally lost weight. When I started the programme I weighted myself every week and didn't lose any weight but I found my clothes were getting looser so I guess fat was turning to muscle. Last week I weighted myself and I found I'd lost 5 pounds! I'm not dieting so it must be the running. Friends are also commenting that I look thinner.

As usual can't wait until my next run on Monday when my husband as promised to go with me! He hasn't been out running with me since I bought us matching running shirts! I wonder why?:-)


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8 Replies

  • Well done Daisy that's a good new PB knocking 2 minutes off. It takes time but if you can chip away at it and enjoy it that's the main thing, I'm like you I've no intentions of trying to be super fast, to do great long distances, I just run because I enjoy it. I'm loving the matching running tops theme, not even got my hubby off the couch so your doing well. :)

  • Good for you!!! I run really slowly and have no idea how long I'd need to run to cover 5k. I am doing roughly 3.4k in 28 minutes and have been deliberating about what to do when I finish next week. I've listened to the stepping stones podcast and quite frankly that scares me. Hubby suggests we stick at 30 minute runs until we get stronger and I was wondering whether we should increase the running time gradually as we have been doing for the last 9 weeks. Yours sounds like a good plan

  • Sounds like we run at a similar pace. I do about 3.6km in 30 minutes. Stepping stones scared me too. Decided it's not for me so just continued with the 30 minutes. After graduation I tried a 5km walk/ run and then found it was doable to just run 5km at a comfortable pace. Good luck with the rest of the plan!

  • I'm running at the same pace as you two, 3.7km in 30 minutes has been a regular thing. I've done the Stepping Stones podcast several times and it's really not as bad as it sounds. Doing the Stepping Stones I also cover the same distance in 30 minutes so it's probably not much different to what you are doing already.

  • Thanks. My husband is a fast runner so we hardly ever go out together. Haven't been running with him since graduation though so I need to show him how long I can run for!

  • My reply to you is three posts down! Too much wine tonight I think x

  • I have not run 5K yet. Managed 4.25K in 32 minutes. I graduated today and I think I may stick at trying to do 30 minute runs (I struggle!) and anymore is a bonus. I just want to get fit and stay fit so approx 12K a week running is a lot better than sitting on my settee :-)

  • Well done! And it's great to see someone else on here who runs at my pace. I seem to have plateaued at 40 mins for 5k. Also do one 30 min shorter run and one speed podcast a week. It's my lungs that stop me going any faster. My aim is to try to learn to enjoy it during the run. Def dint want to go up to 10k - don't have the time for starters!

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