Hello newbies! Remember me oldbies?

Hello newbies!  Remember me oldbies?

Hi everyone.

I've not been here for a bit. I don't know what the reason was - the doctor thought it may have been a virus - but I've had a loss of fitness, a general feeling of weakness and tiredness, and a lost mojo. This discouraged me so much that I couldn't bring myself to hang out here. :(

I'm gradually getting back into running though. And a totally brilliant side-effect has been that I've persuaded some friends to do Couch to 5k. They (we) have just finished Week 2. They're buzzing and I'm loving having their company.

Anyway, welcome to everyone who's joined this lovely forum since my last visit, and hello again to my old chums. It's great to be back. :) :)


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20 Replies

  • Hello Anne !

    I was just wondering the other day where you had got to !

    So sorry to hear youve not been so good, take care and best wishes to you .

    Great to see you back on here ! :-) xxx

  • Yay! You're back. Welcome (again).

  • Hello Ann and welcome back, was wondering where you had got to. Glad you are feeling better🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Hi anne - great to see you back, and fantastic that you're bringing others along for the ride too! ;)

  • We got the same running shoes.

  • Hi Anne😊

    Glad you are feeling on the mend and up to taking a little joggette again.

    I think starting at the beginning must be great fun, more so as you have some mates to go running with.

    Onwards and upwards my dear😎...xxx

  • Helloooooo! Good to see you again 😃

  • Bless you AnneDroid . As you know, I felt the very same thing a month or two back. It's a funny thing, running. You go at it all guns blazing and make great achievements, miss a few weeks and things start to slide. Yet just as quickly you make the ground up again and you will be finding these weeks back on C25K easier I am sure. I found W1R1 murderous after 6 weeks off!

    Is there a 5K somewhere between us both we could do? LoL! I need some motivation as I have only been out three times since R4L on 21 May, had a bad cold and weather put me off (weak, I know).....great to read your posts again though!

  • Oops sorry Anne should have replied to Sofargoner on her post....

    Please see below Sofargoner.x

  • I bet there is somewhere between us Sofargoner. I'll look out for something. But if you were up for coming my way, I thoroughly recommend the Perth kilt run. It's such a fun sight to be part of! And very all-ability friendly if you know what I mean!


  • Hi Sofargoner,

    why not sign up for the new quest on Monday.

    Poppypug will be posting it and you set your goals ( like want to run three times a week ) and you can post your mini successes on there. I have been doing this as it keeps you accountable, and Poppy gives you a well done too😊...

    Well done on starting again and take it steady as you ease into action again..x

  • that's a great idea. If you don't see me on that post after Monday, please give me a nudge!! I went for weigh in today and have put 3lb on in a fortnight. Bit down!

  • Welcome home :-)

  • HURRAH! You are back with us! Break out the finest wines and champagnes (but keep Withnail occupied so I can try and charm our Anne first ;) )

    Seriously - great to see you here again :)

  • Thank you everyone! What a nice welcome back. I feel loved. :)

  • So good to have you back AnneDroid. Keep on running, keep on posting😁

  • I wondered where you'd got to....... great to see you back here again 🤗

  • Good to have you back.

  • Hello there, I remembered you. Welcome back. Sorry you haven't been well but glad to hear you are getting back to it and your post sounds full of enthusiasm. I might be Joining you in a couple of weeks, just waiting for the physio to give me the all clear, I have been out of action for over three months now. Great that you've brought some new people along with you too. Gold star for recruitment. 😀

  • Welcome back, yes of course I remember you. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, glad to hear you're feeling better! Enjoy your C25K journey xx

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