Couch to 5K

Anyone remember me?

Hi all, I'm back! I completed C25k nearly 2 years ago, managed the BUPA London 10k in May 2012 and - ahem - haven't run since. I have however been getting into cycling and am just about to start cycling to work yay!! I haven't been idle in the interim, as I completed my theology degree, got ordained and started a new job all at the same time last summer, but it's taken me till now to get my head round how to fit exercise into the new regime.

So this afternoon I did Week 1 for the first time all over again. I thought it most sensible to start from the beginning but hey - I did it no problem! The minutes running went soooo quickly. Somehow the fitness has hung around and I feel really encouraged. I'll be hanging out on here some more!

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Hi JD welcome back to the mad house. Well done on becoming ordained.


Yes, I remember you! (I graduated end of April 2012 I think)

Week 1 is such a bogey for me I am not sure I would dare do it again, even though I have kept running (not done any intervals for a while)


Hi I remember you! We started and graduated about the same time!

I've restarted and done the program 3 times due to various injury recoveries. Would thoroughly recommend doing the whole program.... it really gets your mind and body back into the groove!!

Good luck and have a look at the c25kers on Facebook. Loads of the old faces on there. xx


Hi. I remember you - welcome back. Often wondered what you were doing. There are lots of us still around, although you might also want to have a look at the C25kers group on Facebook where many tend to post nowadays. Hope your restart goes well; I'm sure it will as you're already a graduate.


Wow - thanks guys! That's given me a nice warm feeling and an added spur to keep going :-). I'm really fortunate that my new boss is really good at work-life balance and also dedicated to fitness and keen to encourage me to build it into my routine as part of my formation. Life is good if demanding, but rewarding beyond measure and I want to be around to serve for as long as possible! I'll check out Facebook but will have to be after Easter as I'm off it for Lent (another discipline that's proving really helpful). Off to do W1 R2 in a bit.... starting was definitely the hardest bit - I actually got into my gear a couple of times before but didn't get out the door! Once I was out there the music and the fresh air took over and my spirits lifted, no problem. New mantra is going to be 'Just open the door!'


i remember you juicy i started about the same time and graduated with you and gypsy . just come bk on here and and doing the c25k again on week 8 . i went bk on week 4 as kept active after graduating . good to see some old faces still here


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