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Remember me?

Remember me?

Hi all fellow runners

I don't know if you remember me, but started the c25k back in February of this year, graduated fine after 9 trouble free weeks, managed to get myself to 9k, and then injury struck!

Groin, broken toe, groin again....boring and frustrating.

At the moment am being treated by a physiotherapist.

Bit the bullet after 3 months of on/ off irregular running and decided to go private and sort it out once and for all.

Am 3 weeks into (another) 6 week break.

Seeing the physio today....have been told to concentrate on core strength and exercise bike only. Also allowed to row....but it's just not the same. When I'm walking my dog I see all the runners and joggers and am so jealous!

So I read all the blogs and am very nostalgic.....

Will probably have to start the program all over again when I'm allowed to run.

But at least I know I can do it!!!!!!!!

Love and luck to everyone x

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Hi gypseydepp. Sorry to hear about your injuries. I can imagine how frustrating itis not being able to run and can understand your need to go to a private physio rather than wait. At least the rowing and cycling will mean you'll have fitness and core strength when you restart.


Thank you :)

Off to see physio any minute now.......hope it's good news x


Good luck gypsydepp, ask your physio about Pilates its wonderful for building up core strength She may be able to recommend someone for you.


Saw your reply after I'd been to the physio! But what a good idea!

Have 4 more weeks of not running but am allowed 3-4 minutes on level 2 on the cross trainer! And loads and loads of stuff to do on the gym ball and bosu ball.

It's come to this..... A load of balls !


Good to hear from you Gypsydepp! Can't wait to hear when you're running again...I'm still not running, due to shin splints..it's such a trial isn't it! Good luck with trying out new stuff to build up core strength.



Hi Theresa

You've had a long saga of injury too!

Don't know about you but I've decided when I'm given the go ahead I'm going to do the 9 week program again and then not push it beyond the magical 5k for ages and ages afterwards.

I'm just going to accept that 30 minutes twice a week and 5k at the weekend is plenty!

Good luck to you,too



Hey great looking pic there Gypsy you have done so well to get to 9k . The wet miserable weather has been putting me of lately but i been doing the speed runs on the treadmill when i can and done a bit of kettlercise too. Hope your back out there soon and dont loose heart you done it once you can do it again. much easier next time round. xx


Hey maddy.

How's it down there in lovely Devon now all the tourists have cleared off!?

Glad you're still exercising.

Great to hear from you x


exercise is a way of life . I Love it ! Devon is lovely when its nice not so nice in the rain ! and even better now all the grockles has speed back of to their home towns. Mind you they day running is lovely in the rain I have yet to pluck up the courage for that one. maybe one day. xx


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