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Couch to 5K again... anyone remember me?


Hello! To introduce myself, I did Couch to 5K in Summer 2015 and kept running until late 2017 when I did the Great South Run and have only run a handful of times since (I think only two or three times?!).

I got engaged a couple of weeks after the GSR and in Autumn 2018 I got married so a lot of my focus was on my wedding last year! To be honest I think I burnt myself out a bit with running in 2017 so I needed a break. I have had far too much of a break now though, haha! And no other exercise to speak of... And lately (well, for months, actually) I've been seeing people jogging on the pavements as I drive past and thinking "Hmm... I wish that was me..." Definitely feeling the call back to running!

So I've set all my stuff up to do W1R1 tomorrow, Garmin is charging etc. Making this post to commit to do it (I should really go to bed, it's 00:30...) Just downloaded the new C25K app which wasn't around when I first did it. Happy to discover I can play my own music with Laura this time with it. I want to be careful of my knees, and also do some strengthening exercises/other general fitness things as I only ever ran before and I'm not very strong in my core and my glutes/legs. Not sure if I'm going to do the full programme again (I'd like to); my only real hesitation is daylight hours at the moment, I don't like running in the dark as I don't feel safe, so I might have to stick to weekends until it's daylight in the evening again.

Anyone remember me? I doubt it but I'm hopeful I may see a few familiar faces still on here, even if they don't remember me which I'd quite understand! Have very fond memories of this forum and the folks on it.

Will update again soon!

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Welcome back Sarah. I wasn't around the first time you did it, but have complete faith you can do it again. There likely are a few still around from your first go around. Hopefully they pop by to say Hi.


Welcome back. I wasn’t here back then... but well done on over for years of running, you know you can do this! The nights are getting lighter is the good news, so hopefully you’ll be able to fit the runs in and feel safe. Enjoy the journey back.

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Thank you! Sorry I have only just seen your reply, need to sort email notifications out! I have just been out in the dark for W1R2 and it was ok, safe enough as long as I stick to lit places I guess!


Sarah!!!!! There you are.. welcome back you!

We are still here:) Yes.. still slow and still steady...You have had an eventful time.... So....Enjoy your run and post how it goes!!


Try these knee exercises to help with any issues... they work.

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Oldfloss! I was so hoping to see you still here and I'm so glad you are!

Running is harder than I remember! Haha! Think I was remembering through rose-tinted glasses though?! I have just been out for W1R2 in the dark! It was ok. I did feel a slight twinge in the knee (not pain, just a sort of click) so I will refer to your link, thank you! How are you?!


Hi sarah469...welcome back...I wasn’t here first time round for you either, but I’m here now and absolutely love this forum so am never away! If you’ve done it once you can do it again...with us all cheering you on....GO SARAH!! 👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻

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Hello! Thank you so much, nice to meet you! Just been out for Run 2 in the dark so at least I managed to drag myself out the house! I don't half wish it was spring though!!

Hi Sarah, yes I remember you. Welcome back and at least this time around you'll know what to expect! And Laura with music!!! Bliss 😘😘

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Hello Irishprincess! Another familiar face!!! Thank you, lovely to read your comment. Hope you are keeping well, I have just been out for WRD2 so so far so good! As I said to Oldfloss, it's harder than I remember! Although I am trying to run faster than I did first time round to work on my pace.

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Your body will soon remember Sarah 🙂


Hi Sarah, glad I got an email to say you had posted, I remember you :) So I can say good luck with the run today. I don't post on here as much as I should although still running. Only advice from me is try not to run as fast as you did before. I think its a different thing when you have already done C25K, your body remembers the speed you got too and your mind wants to get to it, I remember feeling this when I started C25k. Also Enjoy it :D

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Hi Kallyfudge! Thanks for your reply :) I need to sort out my emails as I didn't receive any from this post to say anyone had replied, probably my fault I must have switched notifications off at some point! I have just done WRD2, see you around :)

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Absolutely no worries :) congratulations on everything you have been doing and on running again :)


Just to add to my other reply Sarah, big congratulations on your marriage! Fab news!😀😀

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