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W5D1 completed this morning and it felt ok. I started on the 26th April so have been going at my own pace and if I have felt I was finding a run too hard repeated it once or very occasionally twice and then moved on. The thought that I can now run for 6 minutes without stopping when a few weeks ago 1 minute was tough is amazing and I am so excited to increase my running time. My fitbit is now my best friend and with keeping a record of food, water intake, exercise etc I have now lost 1 stone so I am so happy about that. I never ever thought I would be a runner or like running but the mornings when it is running day (I run every other day) I am up and out the house at 7am and get back about 745 after my run and walk and love it. This is just such an amazing programme to get people active and running in a very easy personal way.

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It's brilliant isn't it! 😃

Well done! Keep plugging away, nice and steady, slow but sure 🙂✔️🏃‍♀️


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