went back but not backwards


I haven't posted for a long while because at first I felt rather embarrassed that my progress was more regress. I'm posting now because actually my plan is working well - for me - and I wondered whether many others have done the same. After a disastrous attempt at stepping stone, I went back to week 4 and over the last however many weeks it's been since stepping stone, I have continued running regularly but have stayed on the same run until I felt really ready to move on. I'm now back up to wk6 run 1 and in no hurry.


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  • I was thinking I may do the same at some point. Was really great with 10 minute runs and then seemed to struggle over longer times! Just did week 6 run 3 - which in my head was 20 minutes and is actually 25!! the last 10 mins were really hard, but am hoping that repeating it all on week 7 may make it easier!! I think the important thing is to just keep moving!!

  • You're absolutely right. By all means repeat week 7. I pushed myself to finish in the nine weeks and I didn't do myself any favours. I'm very happy now with my plan. As you say, the important thing is to keep moving and feel okay with it.

  • I personally like run-walk intervals. After graduation I'd mix up sessions of 100% running, with​ sessions of intervals from short to long. Variety is the spice of life.

    That being said, long runs will get easier. It's just practice and consistency. Happy running

  • Running is very individual, and it's not a linear journey. And that's okay - nothing to be embarrassed at. I've been back at week 1 a few times over the past few years, and am currently running less than week 1. You modify as you see fit.

  • I've stopped running almost as many times as I've started ;) But I always come back and get back into it. At the moment, I'm coming back from an unplanned month off, so have gone back in at a week of 20 mins, then a week of 22 mins (due to do the third of them tonight. Eep!), then will go for week 7 next week... The thing is, it's fine to vary the plan (as long as it's in the direction of doing less rather than more!). This isn't a school thing where you'll get a detention if you don't achieve X in Y time. It's about doing something for you, which you enjoy, and find life-affirming/relaxing/calming/rewarding/whatever works for you. So if going back to week 4 and building up more slowly works for you, then go for it. If carrying on doing run/walk intervals works for you, then do that. (For me, run/walk always sounds appealing, but for the fact that bitter experience shows that once I walk, I find it really hard to get back into running again!)

    Happy running :)

  • Sounds sensible to me. As long as you get there progress can be slow - whatever suits you. Certainly better than giving up :)

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