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I did it 🏃

I'm so excited just completed the dreaded w5r3.. I honestly cannot believe I just ran non stop for 20 mins. The feeling is amazing. With the help of my husband encouraging me to keep going. I thought my lungs would explode 3 mins from the end lol but kept thinking if I'm not going to collapse then keep going... kept thinking of all the advice on here about slowing down and focusing on the next tree etc. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to do this. Thanks all for the advice and inspiration.. 😉

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Wahay! Yes you sure can do this

Just keep going slowly. Slow buys you puff! You need all your puff to finish each session.

Have fun 😃


Thank you I'll defo remember that for the future runs. Need to improve my breathing so I'm sure that will be my new saying now thanks 😧


Your breathing will sort itself out if you go slowly 🙂

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