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Streaming summer cold? Period pain? Go for a run!

Mildly amused; was feeling like total s*** but hadn't managed to get out for a run for nearly a week so thought I would go anyway. Told myself if I didn't complete it, I had ample reasons not to, plus it's far too hot for me anyway. Totally made me feel better and even managed a bit of a sprint at the end; who knew? W7R1 in the bag and it was almost easy!

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Hey well done you. Your did well. I had a cold last week and really struggled with Run 1 from week 8. But I did it too, however I was sore for 4 days afterwards. So let myself recover before I carried on with the next run. Thankfully I don't suffer with period pain so I didn't have to contend with that.😳



Hold that thought and move on, slowly and steadily!


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