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Post cold run...that feels better!

Yesterday i attempted a run, it was a lovely day. Post rain (well not UK standard but the pavement got damp for 2 hours) so the air was slightly cleaner. Set out felt fairly good, apart from nose running like mad but I got 1.5km in and had to stop. I just had pains in my stomach, so walked back as runners past me.

Today I thought right lets do this, no stomach niggles lets go nice and easy. It was tough going but managed to get to the bridge without too much bother. Then on the way to the park I realised I could make a sub 60 10km. So i put my foot down so to speak and tried to keep the pace up, as i headed towards the traffic lights saw a woman racing like she was in a competition. We both got held at the traffic lights are we decided to take our lives into out hands and not let the traffic lights hold us up. Now I wouldn't normally do this but in Chile road rules are unique. Cars stop (mostly) for people even if they are in the wrong, unlike Argentina where they aim for people. Anyway, onwards I went and managed to do 10km in 58minutes and 5seconds.

I feel better for getting out there and I have planned to run 12km and 8km later in the week. As long as i keep these sort of distances up I should be ok to run the 15km in August. I can't help wondering did I jump ship too soon and should I have entered the 21KM?

I would recommend MY Ascis running plans as they are fab!!

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What a fantastic time!! Good to see that you're feeling better - and back on track with a vengeance too!

There will be more HM in your future, maybe for this time you could have a speed goal for the 15 k


I think your right - i will just go out and enjoy the run!! I feel so much better - that cold caught me out. I am so glad to be out running again! It was a lovely cold sunny day!! Perfect for running


Haha :D well done Vix. Only you could call a 58minute 10k taking it nice and easy!!

So pleased that you've got your form back after the cold. Just be careful running in that traffic. :) xx


I know I was naughty!! But cars are pretty good here so it was ok. I was just trying to go out and ignore the garmin and only when i saw my time I thought hey why not go for it. So as a treat I am having a Peanut butter Granola Bar (only to be eaten on hikes- ssshhhh!!!) and a cup of tea!! I am feeling rebellious today!!


Yay! Glad you're felling better and that you're back in your trainers and had such a good run. a 58 minute 10 k is amazing! I wouldn't worry about 'if's and 'an's, just enjoy running. You've got plenty of time to run another 10k race. French drivers aim at you even if you're on the pedestrian crossing... :D


Thank you! Me too - the only time your endanger in Chile is with women drives. Now I am a woman driver but here they are constantly on their mobiles they don't look up half the time!! Plus i have seen women, apply make-up (ok - i admit in the uk i have put a lipstick on) but not full blown make up. One women even stopped her car, I kid you not in the middle of the road to apply nail varnish. Hey but its all part of the fun!!

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