I ran for a whole HOUR today!

Blast, just wrote long saga re my lovely run and then managed to lose it by goggling how to spell incessantly (thats Oldned's fault for making me paranoid re my bad spelling/typing!)

Anyway to cut a long story short I had a lovely lovely run in the sunshine today and managed to run for an hour, without even being too out of breath or tired and even managed a little sprint finish! Was fab and I am floating in a little running euphoria cloud!

Not going to run any further than that for now, just going to consolidate the training so far for a while.

Hope you guys all had good runs too this weekend. :-)


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27 Replies

  • That's a fantastic achievement - really well done !

  • Thank you! I'm chuffed! :-)

  • Smashing when a run comes together like that Lynds. Just remember no goggling or googling for that matter in future :) I learned the hard way and now open a word doc and use the spell check, simples :) My spelling terabel too :-0

  • oh fiddle sticks. ..:-( may well resort to that oldgirl in future!

  • Who? Me? Keen on gud speelinnnnng? Shoorely Not?? Actually, there's a lot to be said for Oldgirl's method. But anyway, well done you; an hour is excellent. It's also 14 mins longer than I did. And there I was feeling good about doing 46 mins this morning. Gutted, I tell you; I'm just gutted!

  • ahh thanks OldNed! :-) Well done to you too!

  • Congratulation on a fantastic run and a new achievement of longest run.

    In future just say it was predictive text not you that spelt it wrong :-)

  • I do blame that quite a lot tbf! My spelling on paper is alot better.. I just can't type v well!

  • That's fantastic, what was your longest run to date before this one, if you don't mind me asking?

  • 50 mins last Sunday. (40 mins weekend before and 35 weekend before that) so increase was more than 10% but not stupidly pushing it.

  • That's really good, I'm running today but I just can't seem to find the motivation at the moment :(

  • Come on OlsBean! You'll enjoy it once you've done it!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, it's done, though I really did not feel like it today for some reason, maybe because my wife and son are home and it's thrown our normal daily routine out :D


  • Well done! That's a good result!

  • btw my mothers maiden name was Bean.:-)

  • My real name is not Bean :D lol, it's just something I picked up 8-)

  • so you're a pretender to the Bean throne? :)

  • Afraid So :-P

  • oh forgot to say - covered 9.2kms too!

  • Are you not tempted to try for 10K! :-)

  • but of course Phil! However I am also mindful that I don't want to get injured again so I'll keep running an hour at weekends for now. I'm debating doing a 10km race in June so lots of time to get there.

  • That's fantastic. Well done you :)

  • Thanks Ali :-)

  • Wow, well done for such a great effort! One whole hour and nearly 10k - amazing! I am so impressed :)

  • That's an awesome achievement, 1 hour running! And a touch of 10k, bet you are still on the high now!!

  • That's fantastic big sis, so proud of you, did my second run this morning, really enjoyed it today, came home and felt set up for the day. Thank you for encouraging me to start. :-)

  • Amazing - well done!!! I can only dream of running for an hour. Immediate target is 30 mins, then work on speed and then gradually work up to the 1 hour mark! :-)

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