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How often to run after couch to 5k

Hi! I've just completed the couch to 5k which I have really enjoyed. I actually enjoyed so much that I wanted to run more than the 3 days per week! Now that I have finished I would like to increase to running 5 days a week and I wanted people's advice on whether this is ok, or whether to stick to ththe 3 days a week with longer runs to allow for rest! Advice please!

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It's definitely best to stick to the three days a week for a while yet - I've heard the figure of around 18 months for your body (joints etc.) to adjust properly to the stresses of running... So by all means take up something else - cycling, swimming, power walking, pilates, yoga, whatever - for your rest days, but don't overdo the running and end up with an injury...


Stick to the three runs a week.. rest days are essential.. (and, I think you may have a lot of replies to this:))

So many posts about this lately. Running five days a week will almost undoubtedly take you straight to the IC.

Running stamina and running muscle take a long time to build up, and C25K has only just started that process.

I remember a phrase of misswobble's from a reply she gave on the stuck in my mind. She said, " days are where running legs/muscles are made ( or something like that) and are for Repair and Renewal" :) It makes perfect sense.

There is so much other exercise to do on rest days, to build up core strength and stamina, all helping to improve our running. Plus, cycling, swimming, climbing, yoga, hiking etc etc. Take some time to consolidate your 30 minute runs and take some pure joy, runs and then maybe think C25K+ podcasts ?

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Stick to three days a week. There have been times when I've wanted to run on consecutive days, but have always heeded the advice of the fine people on this forum not to.

If you need a new challenge, try a bridge to 10k programme. I'm doing that right now and I really need the rest days!!! :-)


When running legs are built 😁

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If you are fit, young and have been used to strenuous exercise prior to doing C25K then maybe you will get away with running consecutive days, but I would not recommend it at this stage even so. I have read that you should run regularly for a year before running on consecutive days.

The quickest way to dampen your running enthusiasm is to get injured and not be able to run at all. This link might get the message across.

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