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Belated Week 4 Finished Post!

I forgot to post yesterday, but finished Week 4 Monday and now looking forward to starting Week 5 tomorrow. Week 5 is definitely the one I've been the most nervous about, but definitely don't want to freak myself out before I even attempt it, so not focusing on that but on the fact I've actually reached Week 5! It's weird, because I can clearly remember looking through the posts at people doing Week 5 and it seemed so far away, but it definitely came around quickly :)

Also, I kept forgetting to say, but I loved the walking music going into the last run of Week 4 - made me feel like I was in the Olympics or something xD Very motivating.

Hope everyone has a great week :)

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Well done to you. Don't fear week 5. It is a very rewarding week, but trust the walks and runs you are doing are building you up nicely, so this week is no bigger than any other.

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Thanks :) Yeah, I was looking as I've technically already run for 16 minutes it's not that much longer I'm running this week, just fewer walk breaks. It'll be ok though - I'll just go slow and steady, as always ^-^

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