Face plant 😩

Well was feeling like a proper runner yesterday wk7 run 3 , scampering through woods at a respectable pace and moved to one side of tree to let oncoming runner carry on on right side of path when splat ! Evil tree root got me and down I went !! He stopped and offered to help but I said no carry on I'm fine honestly 😢😢😫got up carried on albeit more slowly , saw him further round said see still upright 😀 Got home and thought omg ouch ouch , arm black and blue , knees scratched and swollen , today everything hurts , technicolour bruises on legs and arms 😢 Sensing run day might not happen tomoz 😫😫


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6 Replies

  • I hope you have applied cold to those bruises. Cold compress for 20 minutes every hour for four hours. Arnica can help as well. I don't think you would be doing a run the next day anyway, Michael (Johnson) always tells me to have a rest day between runs.

    Good luck and enjoy your next run.

    Remember it's not a race.

  • Owwies! Rest up and take care of yourself.

  • Set off feeling like a proper runner, ended up feeling like a proper charlie! Bad luck, I hope the bumps and bruises get better soon. It could have been me on the last Parkrun - not looking where I was going I very nearly ran into a tree at full speed*

    *OK, slightly quicker than a snail on tranquilisers.

  • It goes with the territory unfortunately. You'll be fine and normal service can resume 🙂

    We had a faller at jog club the other night - another speed bump - but this time it wasn't me.

  • I fall regularly, about every 3 months (although I have got better). I tell my husband it makes me stronger... He doesn't believe me though.

  • lucky no real damage!!! i broke my ankle in a c25k attempt 4 years ago and am now paranoid abt where i run - nice and even, no loose stones!!! do be careful xx

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