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25 minutes, so close to 30!!

Today is the day that it finally hit me! I cannot believe that I have just run for 25 minutes when before all this I could barely run 5 (at a push!!)

I scrapped Laura and put on my own music and kept thinking "only this much longer to go!" Then by the time I got to 25 minutes I felt like I could have done a whole 30!!

When I graduate I'm hoping to be able to do get up to an hours that even realistic? Is there such thing as a podcast for that? Haha. I am so proud of myself!!!

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And so you should be! You sound like you have caught the running bug good and proper. I think once you can run 25 minutes you can realistically aim to run for an hour if that is your goal. I know there is a 5 to 10k podcast, that might be the one for you :)


We too are proud of you; getting to where you are is no mean feat.

An hour is doable for you. If you can do the 25 - 30 mins then you can work up to the hour or 10k, whichever you want.

Try and find a 30 min pievce of music and run to that. Some 'prog rock' tracks, or classical pieces are that length and it just depends on what your musical tastes are...


Hey, well done. You really are nearly there. Yes you can work up to longer runs, surprisingly easily. I started C25k in June and last weekend ran ten miles for the first time. You can do it, secretlemon and you are about forty years younger than me so will have a life time of running ahead of you. Good luck. Enjoy your running.


Thank you guys! I will look in to the 5to10k! X


And congrats IannodaTruffe on your 10 miles :)


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