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Enertor insoles - has anyone tried them?

Hi guys,

Been running for about a year now and my longest recent run was 7 miles, which I'm super happy with, but it feels as though I'm constantly suffering from various niggles, all in my left leg / buttock / foot. Obviously these point to a weakness in my left side which I'm working on, but the biggest bug-bear for me at the moment is arch pain. I'm running in properly fitted running shoes so have been gait analysed (neutral). I was thinking of trying the enertor insoles which keep popping up on my Facebook feed, but they're quite pricey so wanted opinions before splashing out! Anyone tried these please?

Thank you :)

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I think i would invest in seeing a sports physio first, and get a diagnosis. You will also probably be given exercises and get advice on the insoles. Good luck😀

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