Sorbithane (?) Insoles

So got to see physio yesterday and although not bad, have been told to not run for at least a couple of weeks as the puffiness in my right knee is, as I thought, due to my cartilage which has been a problem for me off and on since my teens, but not since I've been running (3.5 years) so I suppose it was always going to happen. She's given me loads of strengthening exercises and wants to see my trainers! She's a runner herself and recommends sorbithane (sp?) insoles for my trainers as at my age (53) I need to cushion my joints as much as possible, especially as I tend to do more road running than trail running (though that changes in the good weather).

Any opinions on these insoles anyone? I understand they're about £20 and I may need to buy another pair of trainers to accommodate them?!!


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11 Replies

  • I have the heel supports..Sorbothane-Shock-Stopper-Heel I was, when I started C25K, landing too heavily... and getting the odd twinge....I found them really helpful.

    Now although, my running style has improved I still keep them:) l. I found the whole insole much too bulky, (that may be just me though). I only have the heel supports in my road running shoes though:)

    My new Track and trail shoes, have plenty of cushioning...:) I think my joints are fine.. and I am 67 :)

  • I also used the Sorbothane heel pads - when I was getting tired ankles (increasing distance). I think they helped but it's hard to tell, as it could have just been my body adapting. Haven't used them for a long while now but ceratainly think them may be worth a try. I hope the strengthening exercises from your physio help. My husband had a similar issue on return to running and had to do the same. It took a while and he did the exercises religiously but he is now back running without problems so far. Good luck.☺

  • Thanks ladies. She didn't mention that there was just a heel support so I'll have to investigate when I get time. I'm wearing my trainers to work today so she can check them out. Did you buy your trainers slightly larger to accommodate the support?

  • I have the full insoles and went up from a 5.5 to a 6 to accommodate them. I love them! On uneven pavements they really pay for themselves, taking the strain off my ankles. Just clarify what sort is being recommended as they do flat heel, flat full, and midsole support full too. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tip, I'll ask her (the physio).

  • I went to a podiatrist to analysed my gait and measured and did all sorts of interesting things, before finally producing a bespoke set of insoles of some thermo-mouldable plastic that he put into a big machine and got soles out at the other end that had support exactly where the measurements had said they were needed.

  • That sounds incredibly expensive Tomas ... Was it? I'm not saying that my knees and ankles aren't worth it (they so are!) but I thought I'd be better off going to a running shop, getting a gait analysis, new trainers and insoles all at the same time (gulp!).

  • The custom insoles were just under £100, and the assessment was another £100, so yes, it was expensive.

    On the other hand, I could quickly have spent a similar amount on physio appointments and shoes. So far they've lasted 2,600 km without getting to look worn out yet.

  • I have steel inserts. Sounds very uncomfortable but literally have kept me from a chair-bound life. Lifetime guarantee - I've snapped three pairs since '92 and replaced without a quibble and last time when I offered to pay anyway politely but firmly turned down.

    Check out Feathersprings. Not sure what site would be over there but they are made in Germany so should be available.

    Best of luck cos when your feet hurt everything does...

  • PS - the nice thing too is they are wafer thin, undetactable when wearing and will fit in anything from cowboy boots to combat boots :)

  • I'll check them out. Thank you.

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