Has anyone got any tips on treadmill use, they make me dizzy!!

OK guys and girls I need to use a treadmill on holiday because where we go is not suitable for running, have done it before and know its not good. There is the beach which I know is wonderful but this sand running is what set off my sciatica in January so dare not risk it. So last resort is to use the hotel gym and treadmill. Previous attempts at gym here at home have left me feeling dizzy especially if there has been runners on both sides of me. Anyone got any ideas on why this is and tips on how to prevent it?


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  • You know the moment in Bridget Jones when she falls off the treadmill when she gets off? Well that's me! I always feel dizzy when I've finished and have to wait a while before I step off it and then I have a few minutes of feeling like I'm walking on the moon!

    But, if needs must, and all that...

  • I would try and get the treadmill at the end so you could only end up with one person at the side of you. As most gyms have treadmills in front of mirrors, what I also do is drape a towel over the front of the treadmill (mainly to hide my very slow legs) but this also gives a non moving focal point. I look at that while I'm on the treadmill and because I'm not looking at something constantly moving I don't suffer with the dizziness when I stop. Maybe that might work for you?

    I hope you find something that works, but ultimately, have a great holiday :)

  • I use a treadmill more than running outside to be honest but it's at home, not in the gym. Keeping your head up and focusing on a point on the wall etc will help but don't be tempted to get off the treadmill straight after running, wind the speed down gradually so you are almost at a standstill, reducing your speed will cool you down slowly, bring your pulse etc down slowly and prepare your head for when you actually get off the thing. I hope this helps x

  • Just invested in a treadmill for the winter(!) and self, wife and daughter are using it. All of us feel a bit dizzy when we stop to get off but I've found that, as shaby suggests, gutting the speed after my main 'cool down' helps. My machine's slowest speed is 2kph and just doing that snail's pace for an extra couple of minutes. Did a run of week 5, run 3 this morning and using this approach steeped off the machine without any dizziness. Hope that helps.

  • I agree with using the end treadmill if it's free and building up your speed slowly and again for slowing down helps. Keep looking infornt of you...difficult if you are easily distracted and get bored running on treadmills, but I think turning you head is what causes any inbalance.


  • Thanks for all these tips guys and girls, they all make sense, will give it a try the first wet running day we have. I'm not going on holiday for 6 weeks so have plenty of time to master the dreaded machine. I really thought it was just me so quite interesting to hear there are others that sufffer from the same problem. :)

  • This is brilliant - thank you for asking the question, Oldgirl. I also get dizzy but mentioned it to a couple of people, including a real gymbunny, who looked at me as if I was a right nutter and told me that 'you don't get dizzy on a treadmill'. Well, actually, I do. So all these tips are great. I don't often use them, just when I'm away on business and don't know where to run in a strange city, so this will help. Thanks :D

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