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Week 3 Run 1 done - but Jo called time early on one of the run sections - is this an app bug?

Hi, all - completed Week 3 run 1 and am chuffed to find I didn't die and could manage 3 mins with very little extra problems than the 90 seconds (had been dreading it to be honest!)

However, using the app with Jo as the "trainer voice", at the end of the second 90 second segment, I heard her welcome tone say "OK - time to slow down", but when I looked at the display on the phone, I found there was still supposed to be another 15 seconds to go. I'd already slowed down by then and didn't want to restart in case the whole thing moved forward by 15 seconds. However, it didn't - so I got a 1 min 45 second walking break, before resuming on the 3 minute run, and the rest just completed as normal.

I felt a little bit as if I'd cheated, and did a further 30 seconds during the "Cool down" as it ended a short distance from my start point, so still adequate time to cool down.

Has anyone else found this, that the trainer "calls time" to slow down before the end of the timed run section? Is it just the one trainer, or is it on all of them, I wonder? I shall switch to Michael Johnson (who I also found helpful) next time and see if it's any different. I am wondering if this is a bug in the app. (Have used that in preference to downloading the podcasts, as I get to choose my own music).

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I did the same run this morning but sorry I don't ever look at the time as my phone is in a pocket. I just rely on Jo keeping me going 😁 I wouldn't worry too much - what's 15 seconds between friends! What counts is that you got out there and did it without too much problem by the sounds of it, well done 👏👏

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I have just done the same run and on the last 3 minute run it told me to slow down and then said I had another minute to go! 😱


That does sound like a bug.


Bet you were gutted to hear the "slow down" instruction and then to find you had to do another minute!


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