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So...I'm re-running the entire programme again but this time faster!! Week 1 Run 1

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So - I wrote in here when I graduated a month or so ago and thought I'd update. I started C25K at 41, a whopping 8 and half stone overweight and a 20 a day smoker with asthma who hadn't done any exercise in 15 years. I completed the C25K (and have now dropped 4 stone to date) at a very slow 3.4-3.5 mph....Well, a lot of you suggested various stuff to help with speed which I put into practise and I am now doing the 5k at 4mph (within 3 weeks of trying it). So now it's on! I really want to run the 5k in 40mins (which appears to be a relatively run of the mill time for normal humans who don't have asthma and a ton of weight on them) so I am doing the whole programme again. So tonight I started Week 1 Run 1 at 4.7mph and I did it (a hell of a lot easier than when I started originally!). So chuffed with myself and I can feel the old enthusiasm of the challenge driving me forward again! I love C25K!!

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I love returning to Laura's sessions. Another good one I do is to add two sessions together to build distance, like running a W4 run back-to-back with a W5 run. The possibilities are endless.


You should be very proud of your achievements so far --- and you have more achievements ahead of you. Stick with it and always remember what/where you started from - and swear to yourself that you are not going back there!!!!


Wow! You have done so well and that sounds a great plan.


Brilliant! It's good to have a plan after graduation, to keep the motivation going

Oh wow sounds like a challenge, I'm at week 7 loving it but wonder at some graduates who are a wee bit lost post c2 5k, for me I want to run 2 local 6k runs on my doorstep with inclines. I don't go back on myself it's a circular route that's my goal. Currently at 3.5 k in 25 mins .

Keep posting your progress, do you change routes at present?, I like a particular route more than others for pacing myself . Sorry for so many questions πŸ˜‰


Very well done on your achievement you should be proud of yourself and you are an inspiration to others who are in the same boat and thinks they cannot run the c25k because of their weight or smoking.

I'm re-running the c25k again, I'm on W4R2 at the moment and loving it better than when I first started and of course going a lot faster than the first time, loving Laura's musics too surprisingly they are not bothering me and make running more relaxed.

Wishing you all the best and please do come and share your progress with us and as always we are all here to give our supports.



That's great news, well done you! Your sense of achievement is brilliant. Stay motivated, you're doing so well! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ…πŸ…


Fantastic. I think that is truly inspiring.


Well done you. I am sure you will be soon doing under 40 mins.


Well done! Try Parkrun.. that's a great motivator each week, and you'll see some there who are over 40 mins..😊


Well done on all your achievements πŸ˜€You must be feeling fantastic! I live the idea of starting all over again as i too am slow and next aim is 5k in 30-40mins so i think il try your method😊Enjoy!! Phyllis

Brilliant post! I'm currently doing the programme again after a few months off for injury. I love going back to the podcasts, even the cheesy music. I oddly like to be told what to do, and post grad I had a habit of stopping for a walk because I was bored or because no-one was 'watching' me. I'm not saying that's a particularly bad thing, just saying I like the structure.

Btw your weight loss is amazing. I need to stop eating Aldi's twix bars. They are always in the tin for school lunchboxes and they just call out to me.

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