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Found that one quite tough actually considering it's actually a minute less running than last week. About a minute into the second run I had to stop to the my trainer lace which had come undone so I felt like I'd ruined it. At the very end I ran for an extra 15 seconds or so to compensate.

Not sure I'm ready for an 8 minute run let alone a 20 minute run but I guess I can always repeat them if necessary. The important thing is I did it and can tick it off the list!

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Don't be too tough on yourself.

I do that too but it is a huge accomplishment, even if you find one run (or two) hard.

We are not at the same level of energy, or stamina, or MOOD every day! You are still running on!

But believe you can do it. Because you can. It's amazing but this program works!

Come back and share after W5R3. Yiu will be smiling!

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Thank you! I will keep putting those trainers on and getting out there. I've discovered an inner motivation I never knew I had!

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Me too. Much stronger than the one pushing me to the gym! It is a powerful win, this one! Good luck!

I found it harder than expected too! After the last run I thought it would be a step down, but no! Congrats for keeping going!


Well done !


Just finished W4R1 and found it really tough going - but I seem to have recovered pretty quickly, literally in a few minutes, so I guess things are working to a degree.

I usually try not to peek at the next week, but I did (at W5R1) and then I saw your post. But but but it's 5, 5, 5 isn't it? Then I looked again. Oh my, and then at W5R3 OH GAWD!!!

I think I see what they've done there - fewer runs but your body should be able to cope with the time or something. I struggled on the second 3 as well as the second 5 today, in fact about halfway through the second 5 I thought I'd need to stop, but I pushed myself to finish.

So I guess that's what I'm here to say. Keep it up and go for it. Like they say on the commentary, if you have to slow down do it but keep going :)


Well done! Think the fact it’s 3 5min blocks makes it harder. I’ll let you know Tuesday when I attempt my first week 5 run! Well done you!


You are doing great. 👏👏You’ll do great at the 8 min and also the 20 min. The programme sets you up nicely for it


Well done so far. The best advice I have seen on here is to keep hydrated on yr day off and slow down. It may feel like you are nearly going backwards but it honestly works. I managed to do my twenty minutes without struggling (perhaps I was going too slow lol) and felt like I could keep going. Let us know how you you get on 😄 but you can do it, believe in yourself ! And the buzz you get is definitely worth the huffing and puffing 😂

Thanks everyone. Everyone is so supportive. I don't think I'd have half the motivation with our this forum. X

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Trust in the programme and your belief in yourself - you can do this. The programme really works... 9 weeks ago I really struggled with week 1, this morning I graduated - three 30 minute runs done! This programme works 😊

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Congratulations - that's amazing!

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