Wk 2 second run completed and I was dead!

I did my run at about 1750 yesterday afternoon. The sun was shining and it was around 21 degrees. I hate the sun on my face or head at any time but could not go back for a cap. First 90 seconds hurt at the end. However I found by looking up and concentrating on about 50 or 60 metres in front of me I improved. I tried varying my breathing and thinking of the benefits of an improved me.

At the end of the final 90 second run I punched the air again. I warmed down again but a bit more movement and stretches to finish off. Just trying to focus on one run at a time.

I push doubts away with the positives this must ultimately be doing me.


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  • I'm starting w2 run 3 tomorrow. I never go out without shades (chronic migraines) and prefer evening runs for the same reason as you. Heat kills me. Plus, (and I don't know if it's true) I like to think the 6-7pm runs will burn calories whilst I'm sleeping. Lol

  • Well done tfc magpie😊...

    Great attitude.

  • Well done.

    I think there is a final word missing from your last sentence................I couldn't work out whether it should be "in" or " good" !

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Brilliant, heat is horrible I notice that my 'speed' is about 1/3 worse in the sun. It is brutal and takes its toll on your motivation too. Keep punching the air when you beat it , it's a good feeling. You're doing fine

  • Our bodies are amazing, our minds even more so. I would never have believed anyone telling me a year ago that I'd be able to run in great heat but l simply do. My early runs are done in 30c plus temperatures, yet there's no cramps or dizziness and even my tempo is fine. Is it comfy? Nope. Hard? Yep. Fun? To be honest, it is, and the sense of achievement is even better :) Doubts must always be pushed away :) All the best!

  • Well done...!

    Wear a cap next time :) x

  • Do play music while running? I've done a little motivating/ upbeat playlist & it really helps when I start fading!

  • I wear headbands - I have loads - as I find they keep the sun off my head and my hair off my face (I HATE my hair on my face when I'm running) but you don't get quite as hot as if you wear a hat. I avoid the heat religiously. Had my worst ever run in the heat (apart from the one I tried just after I'd given blood). Thought I was going to be sick, thought I was going to pass out and the water I'd drunk to try and prevent dehydration just sloshed around in my stomach. I have no idea how Jancanrun runs in the Italian heat.

  • Aha that's because I channel my inner oldfloss and am going so slow - I know - my pace is glacial

  • Until you've run with me, you really don't know slow! Last night, as I ran out of the village, I overtook a man (walking very slowly) and his dog. He said good evening and smiled - I've seen him around the village. Anyway I kept on plodding, periodically looking round because I was running on a country lane with no pavement. At one point he was quite a long way behind me but the next time I looked he was much closer - which totally puzzled me. Then he'd drop back, then the next time I looked he'd be closer. I was sure I was fairly steady with my pace so I was confused. Until I looked around as I joined another lane and saw him jogging - at which point he gave me a smile that said "game's up, you caught me". It wasn't creepy - he was just trying to play tricks on me and, strangely enough, it was that which drove me on up that awful hill that every running in my village knows and dreads!

  • Ooh blimey I thought for one awful moment you'd found the phantom bottom slapping creep.....

  • Excellent! I'm still in bed knowing I have to find the energy and enthusiasm to get up and do W2 R2 - I know I'll do it..... in a minute!! Lol 😆

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