Couch to 5K

Week one trying to go faster

Today was my first run since graduating on Saturday.(shiny green graduate badge,thankyou). So as planned in the weeks before graduation I wanted to go through some of the programme again to learn to up the speed. I mean I can run thirty so wont break a sweat doing 1 mimute. How wrong am I and did I actually learn nothing in 9 weeks.

My previous runs had been very slow so nowhere near 5k. Decided to up the pace so went for 5mph did the minute but was exhausted, by the 4th run I realised that 4.3 was still all I could manage

Not sure if this is the right way forward or to continue 30 minute runs and hope to slowly get to 5k. I also need to tackle the outside too as most runs have been on a treadmill.

Going to Ireland tomorrow so 1 otel has a gym to do a longer run but will have to go outside but loads of quiet beaches that I intend to run on.

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How far off 5K are you? Now you've officially graduated by doing w9r3 why dont you try to crack 5K by doing 2 week 1 sessions back to back at a comfortable rather than your "I really ought to be doing this faster" pace. Then you have a baseline time to improve on. Its a great feeling when you improve on a PB.

I'm looking into the Jeff Galloway run/walk method at the mo cos my calf seems to give up on me after 20 min running when I know I've got more in the tank.


Congratulations on your graduation!! Woopwoop!

I graduated 3 weeks ago and so far have run 5K three times but not in 30 mins. I think it maybe takes time to get accustomed the continuous running. Just take time to relish your new found status then decide what to do! Personally Iam trying to get faster, but without such success so far!

Well done you! :)


What hollyO said, Glendam. Running "faster" is sometimes about things other than "huff and puff". Get a solid base...even though it's been the longest 9 weeks of your life (lol), it's REALLY only been 1 week of 30's.

Practice makes, well, if not perfect, at least better. While you are building your "base" work on form.

Sometimes the path to fast is uphill. Knee problems lurk everywhere in this approach tho, so BE CAREFUL. Find a reasonably long hill...100 metres or so...and practice running up it. STOP


(stupid fingers)....STOP if this hurts ANYWHERE. Walk back down and do it again if you are COMPLETELY pain free (except for the breathing thing). Repeat...2, 3, 4 times or until it isn't fun anymore.

Success to you...and enjoy!


Well done for the shiny green badge. Its great seeing the advise for upping your speed, must remember to look at these posts when I eventually graduate.


congratulations on your graduate badge :) Bet it feels good. As a general rule, it's best to go for distance then pace so, although the c25k programme aims to get you running for 30 mins, that's only going to result in 5k for some people. On your treadmill runs try the same run/walk method for 5k, making sure your walks are brisk enough so that your run won't be so very different from walking. Your stamina will certainly have improved over the c25k weeks, so I bet you manage faster walks now, and as a result, faster runs. :)


Thanks everyone for the advice I will have a good think and probably just stick with longer runs when I get back in the knowledge that I will improve with time. No treadmill for 2 weeks I will have to make the effort to run outside. My OH is doing this too but he has a long stride but we will give it our best shot while we are away.


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