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The trying to achieve 10k!

Right here goes. This is a quick post to stop anyone getting confused with the last two post I have written.

1. Today I have started a plan of gradually trying to achieve 10k.

2. Today I ran just over 6k.

3. The time for my just over 6k was 36mins.

So I hope to increase my distance gradually each time I go running.

Apologies for misleading people with previous posts that was never my intention.

However I think the clue is in the title .

Happy running all😀😀

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Go Peggy!

I wonder,have you popped across to Bridge for 10K forum.. lots of friends over there and loads of super advice..I learned and still am learning so much from the folk there... it got me to 10 K, but it was a while after I graduated... :)

I am just coming to the final week of my 10 K revisited plan.. to try to improve style and maybe a bit of speed :)

Maybe take a peek ?


Thanks Oldfloss for that. Believe or not I had just popped across to Bridge for 10k ,when your post arrived. Are you a mind reader ! ha! 😄

I think I shall enjoy this next part of the running journey .

So please keep a look out for as I need all the advice and help I can get.😀😀

Thanks again Oldfloss and happy running!

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