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Trying to prepare for my first 10k

I've not written a post here for such a long time, but continue to keep an eye on all the posts for tips and advice. I graduated last summer but unfortunately straight afterwards, I picked up an injury, then had flu over Christmas and stopped running for a good while. I'd never run before and even though I graduated and managed to run for 30 minutes, I was nowhere near 5k. I think at the time I could barely scrape 4k and was averaging anywhere between 9-10minutes per K.

Determined to get back into it, I made a rash decision to enter the Great North 10k to give me that push to start running regularly again. I didn't tell anyone for ages so that I could back out if I felt I couldn't do it. However, having managed to do 5k two weeks running, I bit the bullet and told my family. Training is now going well. I'm trying to add 1k each week and yesterday I did 6k in 51 minutes. I still can't quite believe that I'm doing this but I can feel myself getting stronger and even faster each week. The only thing I'm worried about now is picking up an injury over the next few weeks which would be dreadful. I'm therefore being careful about warm ups and stretches and starting my runs quite slowly. Fingers crossed, I'll be prepared by 5 July.

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Wow well done you! After being on the IC and not running that's great news. I wish you all the best for the big one, you'll be greeaaaat!!!!!! Keep us updated :)


Well done. That's brilliant. Good luck for your 10K just take it steady and you'll get there


That's brilliant! Just keep up with the training and getting out there 3 times a week. If it were me I wouldn't be worrying about the distance. You can do 6K. That gives you a month to get it up to the 7.5K to 8K by the end of June. Once you can manage that, the atmosphere on the day will get you that final 2K. Go out. Have fun ;)


well done. your training approach sounds just right - nice and steady to avoid injury and adding a little bit each week to the distance. Good luck with the run!


Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'll let you all know how I get on


So, just to let you know I did manage the 10k although I did feel it was in a disappointingly slow time.

Just after my last post, I picked up a couple of injuries in my ankle and knee as I think I pushed myself just a little bit too hard, plus my body has never been built for running and just decided to give up on me! I ended up doing nothing for three weeks apart from lots of stretching, foam rollering and getting painful massages from my physio. The week before the run, I tentatively set out for a couple of 3k runs and felt okay afterwards, but I was badly prepared.

Anyway, I did manage to get around the course and achieved several of my targets which were to finish, not hurt myself further, not faint in the heat and not come last! I did have a tremendous sense of acheivement as I crossed the finish line. What a buzz! And it's also given me the incentive to to it all again next year!

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