Aching at the back of my foot/ ankles

Hi guys, I'm new to the forum!

I have been completing the app and last week completed week 3. However some friends talked me into running the 5k park run on Saturday! I didn't run all of it ... obviously however I ran more than usual and now I have ended up with an ache on both feet, just the back near ankles and the bottom of my legs! Do you think this is just muscular pain?

Thanks :)


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  • It sounds like sensitive Achilles tendon, probably from overdoing it at parkrun. Follow the programme to keep your risk of injury minimal.

    When I first started running both my Achilles used to be very tight first thing in the morning, but eased as the day went on. My first injury was a tweaked Achilles, so obviously there was a warning sign of a possible vulnerability. Within a few months the tension disappeared and I have had no further problems in that area.

    Heel drops are good for gently stretching the tendon. Best done after a run when everything is warm and pliable, although, when I had the injury, I used to do some after my warmup, before starting to run.

    I would recommend doing some research.

  • Thanks so much for your advice :) will definitely do some research

  • I had a lot of trouble with my Achilles when I first started running and I now do heel drops and calf stretches before running

    I don't think you can stretch the tendon, certainly my problem went away when I learned to think of stretching my calf muscle rather than the tendon. With the muscle/tendon system more flexible as a whole the tendon is not so likely to be damaged.

  • You are quite right, tendons do not stretch.

  • Ok great stuff, thanks for the advice I will have a look at the link you have sent :)

  • Agreed with the above comment. I would add though that pretty much everything below my belt line ached at some point or other in the first month of running.

  • Thank you:)

  • Probably a bit too much too soon... :(

    So, take the advice from IannodaTruffe , and see how you go...we do expect aches and pains, but need to listen to our bodies too :)

  • Yes I definitely agreev with that! Will definitely be filling the programme only from now on thank you for your advice

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