OUCH my Ankles!

Week 2 run 3 (I'm still on week one on the app though until i nail these one minutes ) and my Ankles are killer this morning, I usually warm them up by rotating them before i head off but EVRY time i take off on the first jog, ouch and ouch, ankles click.. once they warm up they are fine :) but i woke up not being able to walk properly on them, sitting at my work desk rating them now , hope they are ok by tomorrows run..

Im 32 9.5stone and 5 8 BUT would consider myself pretty unfit. (but I'm getting there :) has anyone any suggestions on maybe fish oil for joints or strapping ankles?

Hope i don't hurt them or damage them more ...


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9 Replies

  • Just go gently. Most people find that in the early weeks their muscles and joints hurt/ache. They're getting used in a way they're not familiar with! If they aren't impossibly painful, I'd wait a couple more runs before worrying too much. On the other hand, if they really do feel damaged, see a professional!

  • brilliant will do.. nope not unbearable just stiff as the day is going on, other muscle groups hurt last week.. Il keep an eye on them. thanks so much fir your input.

  • Sorry, I dont know about good things to eat for your ankles, although I do know that fruit juices are a bad thing for joint pain.

    However, have you tried Laura's strength and Flex podcasts, they will definately improve your running by improving your flexibility and strengthening your muscles :) It's a 3 days per week program like C25K and you can do it on your non running days. And as I sais, it is the wonderful Laura :)

  • Il have a look for it.. thanks so much

  • It might be an idea to google for ankle specific warm up exercises and then make sure you give them a really good working over before setting off on your run. Apart from that, as Steve said, most of us have to get to grips with some pains and aches when we ask our bodies to do new stuff that it's not used to. The good news is that it gets better over time.

  • Thanks Tomas, I will do.. il have a look now, :) id hate for a hiccup to slow e down (or turn me off :/ ) thanks again

  • hiccups would be particularly detrimental to your running ;)

  • I've actually had this problem. Not with pain the next day- but the initial few metres of a run a bit stiff/fragile feeling. A bit like a rusty robot maybe or weak Bambi ankles - it's hard to describe.

    My ankle joints and feet in general have clicky bones. I've found a way which helps me and that is to rotate my ankles a lot through the day (rest and run days) in big full circles. I can feel the bones at the back of my heel/tendon moving initially, but it soon becomes fluid.

    I don't get that feeling any more - so I think this helps. Give it a try too - hopefully it'll help you too.....

    I did a google search for strengthening exercises and they also recommend that you write the alphabet with you big toe in the air. This makes you foot move in all imaginable angles helping to add strength.

    Make sure you have some decent trainers on and try to avoid running on uneven surfaces (I know that is hard with pavements in the UK) - but it may cause you to land funny and do some damage if your ankle is not fully supported.

  • Thank you so much.. Im on rest day 5 today :'( having googled it if the swelling dosnt go down in 4 days a trip to the doctor is in order. I don't think its damaged, just lack of use for many years .. When it gets warmed up after a little walk its grand. I've started doing the strengthening excursuses too :) so heres hoping I'm back on track soon ..

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