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Gutted - W4R1!

I'm new here, but determined to get through this!

I've had a couple of days off (fitting new kitchen, no time or space for running - I am too chicken to run in public so it's a good old treadmill at home!!) but was raring to go this morning - apprehensive about running for 5 minutes but hey, what's the worst that can happen?!

Well, not being able to run for 5 minutes was pretty naff (I ran for 3, walked 1 and ran 1, though)... but the second repetition was worse when *ping* went something in my calf after 2.5 minutes and I had to stop.

Pfff. I thought I was doing so well but then I've had a weekend of takeaways (no kitchen, no cooking!) and now this... feeling completely demoralised, gutted and annoyed!

Carly :(

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Aww so sorry you're feeling like that. I'm sure it was just a bad run. I would have a rest day and try again. You're so close. Maybe if the kitchen is now fitted have a day of healthy energising food and lots of water to help. Good luck - don't give up!


Obviously we can't give medical advice so if unsure do see tumour doctor. Sounds like a strained calf muscle - and if it is, you need to rest, ice and elevate and don't attempt to run on it until it is fully recovered - you don't want to end up with a torn calf muscle (I have been there and it wasn't nice!) Better to take time off now to let it settle than risk it turning into something worse by trying to run too soon. The programme may be 9 weeks but running is (hopefully) a change for Life, so take your time!🙂


Thanks - I am not concerned about it, pretty certain it is just a pull as it feels almost normal today - however I haven't run because it doesn't feel perfect ;) half an hour on the exercise bike instead!! Something is better than nothing!


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