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W4R1 Slight disappointed! + Gremlins


This week ups the pace!. I struggled. In fact the first 5 minutes I developed a horrid cramp like pain in my left calf. Very uncomfortable indeed. I had to stop and walk. I think I done about 4 out of 5 minutes. The next 3 minute run was a challenge due to this. However I managed to run the last 5 minutes through to the end. So overall not the success I imagined. It was no other than a struggle if I'm honest and my left calf is still very tender.  Not sure if I should repeat this day or continue and see how it is at the end of the section.  However the reality is I haven't ran like this since I was in my early 20's so that's a plus if nothing else.  No gremlins while running but a few palp's since I've been home. Always gets the warning lights flashing on the brains dash board! ..  

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Perhaps rest your leg until the soreness eases, and then move onto the next run.  You only missed a minute so that still counts as a success.  I get the palpitations spooking you, I have the same problem!


Move on to the next run but make sure your calf is comfier before you go out again.

Because the runs are the same I would only say repeat if you couldn't complete all sections still come run 3. I couldn't, I repeated the whole week! 

Well done, it is a big increase in running time.

Good luck for the next one :)


I'd take an extra rest day or two while that calf heals up. Then get out there and repeat the run.  You'll smash it next time.


Take a rest...calm the brain...ease the calf..and get on out there when you are ready ☺


I've got tight calves and am doing lots of stretches and heel drops to try and strengthen and increase flexibility. Worth a go when the soreness passes? 

Agree with digger74. The only time I suffered pain in my c25k journey was when I didn't stretch and when I didn't warm up properly (try and make that 5 minute walk as brisk as you can and towards the end of it try to extend your stride length.  even now, 6 months after finishing c25k I make sure I start and end with a brisk five min walk (thank you Laura)

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