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Just finished my first run! Feeling bit tired but mainly just pleased I've started. Does anyone else go bright red in the face when they run?! Also need to find a route that's not so hilly! I was also wondering how to know how far I've run? How do we know we'll actually run 5km or is the timing more key than the distance?

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The timing is more key than the distance. The program should really be called Couch 2 30minutes. very few people hit 5k in 30 minutes by the end of the program so don't worry about the distance :-)

If you want to track the distance then a smartphone with an app is the most common way. There are loads - MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Strava...

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KKThomasGraduate in reply to Sadamski

I was bright red the first week but I'm now on week 5 and no longer s beetroot 😊

Yay! Haha, fingers crossed I won't look so crazy in a few weeks then!

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to KKThomas

I go bright red just standing in the sun for 2 mins. Face was still red 2 hours after first run!

That's great, thank you. I think i'll just concentrate on the timing for now, and maybe in a few weeks I'll get one of those apps!

Sadamski is right, it is quite common not to get 5km by the end. I myself was one who had to work towards the 5km after graduation. The program is more about getting your joints and muscles moving rather than about pace. Wear you beetroot face with pride. It's like a badge of honour, it is also very common. Well done on your first run out.

Thanks so much! I'll keep going, and focus more on distance once i get to the end! Can't wait for my next run already!

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Well done for doing your first run, nothing like a red, but pleased, face! Puce is the word for mine I would think and I know I am not alone with various shade of beetroot out there.

Don't worry about distance at this stage as it is all about time, pacing yourself, and building up your stamina at this stage, just go slow to make sure you complete every run.

Have a good rest day tomorrow and keep us updated on your progress.

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Nattynoo1985 in reply to SC1472

Haha! I'm with you on the puce! I definitely need to make sure I stay fairly slow- I definitely did the first few minute runs far too fast and felt it later! Seems like a great community here :-)

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Hi and welcome; and, as the others say.. forget the 5K, forget speed and just enjoy your running journey. Yes.. your journey.. the one you have just started!!!

Take each run, slowly and steadily, take your rest days and listen to your body... ( which may protest a little !!) The beetroot face... :) Yes.... every shade of red and pink has been posted on here...and even in photos... usually accompanied by a HUGE smile... you are in great company, and we look forward to your posts!

Thank you! Great to be part of the community. I'll just keep going- slow and steady and rest up when I need it. I'll wear that beetroot smiley face with pride! :-)

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