Just finished my first run of the programme, although a struggle to get through - I made it. But I'm really feeling the pain in both my ankles. I've asked my brother (a fitness fanatic) for advise but he said I just need to work through it. Any suggestions on helping the pain? Any exercise/stretches to do? I want to keep going but don't want this to get the better of me.


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  • I've just done my w1r1 too! I am going to follow you on here and we can encourage each other! No idea about ankle advice though I'm a complete novice. I too have a fit brother. He makes it look easy!

  • It might be worth doing some stretches before you set off, and also the strength and flex exercises are useful to do on your rest days.



  • I did the Couch to 5k several years ago and struggled with my ankles too! A Personal Trainer i knew suggested an exercise that strengthens the muscles around your ankles an tendons.

    Place a pillow on the floor and stand on it with 1 foot at a time and balance for 30 seconds, 6 times on each foot.

    As you get better at this, do it with your eyes closed as you will have to use your muscles around your ankle area to steady yourself.

    I found ti really helped me.

    Good Luck!

  • If not used to it, you will ache and you will work through it. Anything you consider to be pain should be paid attention to. Stretch after every session which helps realign muscles.

    Proper running shoes, fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop might help.

  • Tonight I am attempting W1R2. My problem on R1 was breathing. I sounded asthmatic and don't seem able to breathe 'normally'. Does it just come with practise or is there a knack to it?

  • It'll come with practice, don't worry. You've been breathing for quite a few years now, just do what you normally do :)

  • I hope so helenwheels :)

  • Slow and slower... and just do what you do every second of every day...in and out... try not to overthink it :)

  • I managed W1R2 tonight but I feel like I can't get enough air in and then can't get enough out! You'd think I'd've mastered this breathing lark by now! 😂

  • I think any slower and I'd stop.

  • It's ridiculous isn't it? I'm not thinking about how to put one foot in front of the other but am stressing about how to breathe!

  • I get wheezy doing any sort of exercise in cold air - though I struggled a lot more in week 1 than I do now at the end of wk3. Except when a bug flies into my mouth as I take a big deep breath. Then a cough and choke like I'm coughing up a lung.

  • I literally scared horses last night! I think it was a combination of heavy breathing and trainers slapping on the road. Trouble is when you have headphones in you can't hear how load you really are!

  • I breathe noisily..but steadily!

  • Warm up well and as Razouski suggest, those strength and flex exercises may help...:)

    If there is real pain.. do not run through it...aches and niggles at this stage are normal.. especially if we are new to the game... we tend to thump down a little.. so, try to land lightly and kiss the ground with your feet:) Pain, we don want... and if it persists, then get it checked out!

    As IannodaTruffe says... make sure your running shoes are up for the journey too:)

    Keep us posted please:)

  • After years of knee and ankle problems, in a wide range of support shoes that cost the earth, I eventually went to a physio (only a couple of years ago) who suggested cushioning shoes, rather than support. Now, I'm not an expert by any stretch, nor am I an experienced runner- this is just my experience. I used to end up rolling ankles and with aching, seized knees (I named one of my knees stupid fat knee) just from walking.

    I've just completed week 3 injury free - in cushioning shoes. Less arch and ankle support - but seems to be working for me!

  • I had a similar problem through the first 2-3 weeks, but making sure I took rest days seemed to let them recover. Have also had some back twinges, groin twinges and now knee problems since I have been doing the longer runs. But then I am pushing myself to do things it hasn't done in years!

    If it is an ache I try to push through, but don't ignore pain, get it checked out. And as everyone else says, try the strengthening exercises in between runs. Good Luck, just keep going.

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