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Couch to 5K
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From stress and anxiety to running and feeling great

2 to 3 weeks ago my husband suggested I run with him round the block in the morning. I said to him "are you mad,I have a bad knee!". My knees have been stiff and painful for about at year and I was waiting for an appointment with the rheumatologist. I was also going to check if I had fibromyalgia as I have a lot of the symptoms.

Anyhow I was signed off work for 2 weeks and I decided to exercise and I went for a jog with hubby doing a good warm up, jogging and stopping. Then I ran around the block without stopping. I used the breath that I had learned in the yoga I had been doing. So I have done 3 days. Not formally started the couch to 5 k yet but I will because I feel so proud of myself.

I have just been naturally active watching a lot less TV and spring cleaning. And taking any opportunity to walk. I walked from Tower Bridge to Kings Cross. Can't wait to do it again with the kids. Sleeping much better. So onwards and upwards. These posts have kept me going too. So thank you HealthUnlocked community.

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Well done and fantastic that you've been more active. Amongst other medical "stuff" I've got osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, but honestly don't think it's been an issue for me at least. Cut out your ad-hoc programme and start the C25K properly from the beginning, do EXACTLY what the programme tells you (or else you'll get shouted at like me!). If you're enjoying that walking you'll love doing the C25K. I'm now starting week 8 after several false starts, having never thought I'd get this far and I even today actually went out running at 6:30 this morning and enjoyed it. GO GO GO! Welcome aboard ...


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