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After learning of a friend who has completed C25K I'm seriously thinking about it. I have ALOT conspiring against me...nearly 48 years old, technically morbidly obese according to all the BMI charts, and I've been asthmatic all my life (even before all the weight gain) and I broke my left tib & fib a few years ago which has left me with a ropey ankle and the need for insoles to correct my gait. Maybe I need to see a vet! :D All that said I'm really keen to give this a go, but really nervous about starting. Keen to hear from others who may have been in a similar boat!


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  • We were all in the same boat to start with!! Lol, you have achieved your first goal by joining this site, you will hear this a lot but "slow and steady", this is the key! This plan is designed to build your fitness and stamina up gradually. As long as your medically fit, (might be worth a chat with your GP) go for it!!

    Keep posting and keep us informed on your progress!

  • I'm 43 and am 5 stone overweight. I'm now on week 7. Do it, you won't regret it - makes you feel amazing!

  • Awesome, well done!!

  • Thanks guys. Just the asthma and it's pretty well controlled. My husband is going to do it with me, hopefully we can keep each other going and it'll not end in divorce! I did try something similar many many years ago, not long after I'd broken my leg, and after the first day, got up the next morning and practically cartwheeled across the bedroom because my left knee gave way...that's my only real concern is my leg...I'll speak to the doc and see what she thinks. :)

  • Be open to doing the runs separately. You may not need to but it can sometimes add more barriers than it removes to try to learn a new skill alongside someone whose issues are bound to be at least slightly different, as we are all such individuals.

  • Agree with this. I don't enjoy the pressure of having a running partner. For me, running is for me and no one else. Good luck!

  • I was in the same boat as you, and as I'm sure many on this forum where. I am very overweight, borderline asthmatic and broke my ankle when I was 10 and that still gives me Jip. You have taken the first vital step (pun intended). I would definitely recommend doing this program. I graduated last week on the treadmill and it is a lot easier. However, I went out today and did 45 minutes non-stop and smashed it. Yes it is a bit harder outside but it is so much more enjoyable getting out in the fresh air and you feel so amazing afterwards. I am now truly hooked and I am over 50 something years old. If you are at all concerned, go and see your GP before starting. I did a slightly different C25K program but I think they are all pretty much of a muchness. Good luck, take care and keep us all posted โ€“ they are such a lovely bunch of amazing people on this forum and we will support you all the way.

  • thankyou and bloody well done on doing it! I'd never considered a treadmill...but it might be good for really wet days. my sister has one that I'm sure she's using as a fancy clotheshorse! :) x

  • Go for it! Agree with others though, check with your gp and take things steady. It is a great programme and the folk on this forum are fantastic :)

  • 50, technically obese, asthmatic and just ran 28 minutes today in the rain. Go for it!

  • I am nearing 50, 5 stone over weight and 6 years ago snapped my calf muscle running after me young son, so I was really worried about doing anything like running but here I am W5 in no pain and thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments. Phoned my GP today, but couldn't get an appt until next week so phoning tomorrow 8am for an 'on the day' hopefully. I'm determined to do this but proper scared that I might injure myself really badly! I had a discussion with the pharmacist at our GP practice recently, about being asthmatic since childhood. It was always dinned into me all through primary shcool that I couldn't run about with my sisters and friends in case it brough on an attack. I remember sitting on my gran's knee and crying because I couldn't go out an play with them...and I wasn't even ill at the time this was just 'precautionary' restriciton of playtime!! :-o I guess they were just scared I'd peg out, but it's left me, as an adult, unable to know how to exercise safely. Mad eh? I'm going to get on top of it before I turn 50!!

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