Is time a healer?

Here am l , who was a fit guy, always dashing around looking after my wife.Decided to take up C25k to tame my love of running ( eventually running for charity).Then what happens,l end up in hospital twice in the last fortnight with heart problems,not l hasten to add through running,it has developing sometime.There is lovely big BUT here; l intend to get back to running again,when? Who knows.Stevy


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22 Replies

  • Have you been admitted again Stevy! That is horrid.. you were so positive after the last time..!

    Hope that all is reasonably well with you... and that you will be able to start again sometime soon :)

  • Am having so many tests ,so far 3 xrays,ct scan and 2ecg's,am hoping 2 find out in the coming week.The way l am at the moment ,reminds me when l was in Nepal in 1992 walking 220miles in 4weeks ,from Lukla airfield to Everest base camp and back; it was all high altitude and breathing was difficult,as l am experiencing now. I just want to go to sleep all the time.lncidently that's how l met my wife on the trip of a lifetime.l can't wait to get sorted out,so l can get back to running;Thankyou Ofloss,Stevy.

  • Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. Really hope you get the ok to run again soon, Stevy. Keep the faith.🏃🏻

  • l certainly will keep the faith,its horrible waiting around for test results.l do not know,if you can read the post l sent to Oldfloss,as the way l am now reminds me when l was in Nepal( listless and tired).Hey Ho!, l,m sure l,ll start running again,Thanks Sandra,😊,Stevy

  • I'm sorry to hear it is a bit tough at the moment. I have been running for 4 years but really started to learn to run 8 years ago. Just the first couple of weeks highlighted the fact I had an overactive thyroid and had to have radiation treatment for it. I still firmly believe looking back at that time it was great that I found out the health issues that I had and got them sorted and without running it would of gone unnoticed and it would of impacted my health without me realising. Being in control and getting to the bottom of health issues is always preferable. Wishing you a speedy resolution and recover. Take care Rfc x.

  • lt,s funny how when we take up running health comes to the fore.I,m sure l,ll get sorted,when l don,t know but lam enjoying reading theposts from every,Thankyou and take care,Stevy.

  • have just read back how l made mistakes? Hope you get the just of it,Stevy.

  • Got it. Hehe I'm dyslexic I'm really good at working posts out. 😀😀😀

  • Funny that😊,my daughter is dyslexic she is for ever deciphering my texts l send to her.

  • Really sorry to hear of your troubles Stevy. Take care of yourself and keep up you're positive mental attitude

  • l certainly will or am keeping apositive attitude.Thankyou Helen,Stevy.

  • Sending you positive thoughts Stevy and hoping you are soon out of the woods. :) x

  • l have received you positive thoughts👋,Thank you Jan,l do have moments ,but am determined to get over this,Stevy.

  • Hi Stevy, Sorry to hear this. I had some heart issues at the beginning of the year that were triggered by the Christmas period I think, and/or stress/anxiety, and it was a worrying time (this was after a period where I hadn't run for a few months). I had a constantly irregular heartbeat for about 2 months that would flutter a few times a minute. Then, when I started running again, it got better pretty quickly. Listen to your doctors, I don't know what your situation is, but I hope you can get back to running again soon enough.

    Sarah X

  • Thankyou Sarah,life allways seems to through a"curve ball", l will get back some how,Stevy.

  • sorry every one,my spelling and words have gone astray with my posts am having amoment with my health.Stevy

  • Hi stevy . Good to hear from you but sorry you're still having tests & not quite tickety-boo. I hope you can keep a positive outlook and focus on things you can do. Maybe you can keep flexible with some gentle stretching to help ease you back into running when the time is right?

  • Hi Slinky,l guess l,m still in a state of shock.Alot of things are going through my mind not least my wife,also my job.These things were always sorted out when running.Well!am determined to get over this.We both did asnail pace walk by the river Deben with reward of an icecream at the end.Bit different for my wife and l,many few years ago we thought nothing of walking 20 to 30 miles in aday.Running is something am addicted to,love to get back.Stevy🐧

  • Stevy, I am so sorry to hear youre going through such difficult times. It breaks my heart to hear of the loads that some people have to bear. You are both under so much pressure and it does take its toll in some form or another .

    I really hope that your Doctor gets to the bottom of it and gives you the okay to start gently running again . You and your wife are in our thoughts .

    Stay strong and hang on in there xxx

  • we have surrounding agreat community of neighbours and our family is close by they give inspiration and strength raising money for our charity and more.This forum which l joined through my initial interest to run has help you are agreay crowd.Thankyou poppy,Syevy

  • I am so pleased you have a good support network Stevy, it really helps to lighten the load doesn't it ?

    Please take care , and I really hope you have some positive news soon xxx

  • Thankyou,Poppy

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