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What do you do on your 'rest' days?

Ok, so I admit it, I've gone from couch potato to loving C25K and am on Week 8.

I love the satisfaction and buzz I get from completing a run, knowing that just 8 weeks ago I struggled to waddle/shuffle for 1min at a time! Now I find these last few weeks a doddle, all be it at a slow pace, but at least that gives me something to continue working on when I graduate.

I just wondered if everyone else exercises on their rest days, if so what do you do?

I've just bought a second hand cross trainer and I also ride and look after my ponies which requires a bit of effort. What do you do?

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I try to swim and cycle on my rest days but if im particularly tired or achey i watch dvds in bed haha still a bit of couch potato in there!


My choccy labrador and I walk for miles!! We are lucky enough to live in deepest darkest Wiltshire so walks are a plenty.


i do the davina body buff dvd on my rest days which helps build your core muscles so helps when i run


I don't do anything in particular, but I'd really like to start do some kind of core training or weights...but it is hard to get the time with a little one around!


I have a lively black labrador who gets walked twice a day for about an hour.

Also i have bought a second hand rowing machine and some weights which i use twice a week.

So, 3 runs, 2rows and weights, and 14 hours of dog walking!

Definitely find it all much easier since completing c25k :)


I walk at least 3 miles a day and swim twice a week. Swimming in the lido (now 15 degrees) is almost as addictive as running :-)


I tried the thirty day shred thing in my rest days from that woman who does biggest loser. I got as far as eight minutes and had to lie down, that included the six minutes of warm ups!!


You guys are all so active... C25k really has a knock on effect!

Besides tge three runs i do a couple of tae kwon do classes, a couple of pumps at the gym and just started Bootcamp on Saturday mornings... Then there's my 25 kids at school I chase around every day, and three of my own at home... I'm exhausted just thinking about it all, much easier to just do it!


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