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Should I run tomorrow ?

I've entered a 10k race tomorrow but last weekend my niggly calf became so painful that I couldn't walk on Sunday or Monday, triggered off by a session on the cross trainer on Saturday. I've been icing and gently stretching the calf and can now walk comfortably. I had an induction at the gym and did a short interval session on the treadmill (no pain); a couple of intervals on the cross trainer (bit of a niggle); short interval session on the rower and a short interval session on the cycle (felt ok) - only 15mins or so in all as it was just an induction. Followed that up with some strength/resistance training, none of which caused a problem. The trainer did point out that my technique on the cross trainer was wrong - I inadvertently lift my heels with each step - so I assume that is what aggravated the calf injury so badly.

So, my calf isn't 100% better but it is nearly there. I now have a reason for it having got so bad. It's unfortunate timing in that I haven't had a chance to try a short gentle run then build up. I'm thinking of going ahead with the race but, if it starts to hurt, not to get drawn into plodding on stubbornly to finish the race but to do the sensible thing and stop.

Am I being realistic ? I want to spend my Christmas break fitting in a few extra runs, not hobbling around. It's so difficult to know where the line is between being a complete wuss and being sensible !

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I'm not a doctor or anything but this bit

.........if it starts to hurt, not to get drawn into plodding on stubbornly to finish the race but to do the sensible thing and stop.......

I think is the sensible route. Go out and see, so long as you don't change your mind and carry on regardless you should be OK.


Thank you, that's the decision made then :-) Helped by the fact the forecast is for sunshine !


Well? How'd it go? Are you still walking? Did you finish the run?


I finished it - I didn't get any calf pain while I was running but they are both a bit sore now.

I got a PB !!!! Not sure of the exact time as my Garmin wasn't working but it was between 1 hour 6 mins and 1 hour 7 mins. My previous 10k times have been between 1 hour 9 mins and 1 hour 10 mins. I'm delighted :-)


Well done! Fantastic time. I hope your calves are still OK tomorrow! :)


They just ache, don't feel damaged , thank you :-)


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