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Well, that was a disaster

Back from my conference this evening I thought I would get my running clothes on and head out for a 30 minute run.

After 10 'minutes it was quite clear that I wasn't going to get there. Backs of the calves just seemed to pull and I couldn't find a rhythm. I decided to give it another 5 minutes, and by the end of that I was done.

It was too warm and too late in the day. Well that and that to get to my conference I have to walk to the railway station, then up the hill out of the station, up another hill to the centre, up 3 flights of stairs. Lunch time involves upstairs and down stairs. And the return home is only good because it is all the way back down the hills you've climbed.

I suspect that after two days of this exercise my legs are laughing at me including another element for them. 4 more days of the conference exercise regime. I'll give running another shot on Wednesday, and today wasn't really a disaster, just frustrating.

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Not every run has to be 30-minute or 5km long. ;)

You went out and you run for 15 minutes (at the end of a pretty active day); it's not a disaster and there's noting to be frustrated about.

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So you gave yourself a varied session of stairclimbing and running :) That's not a problem, it's just variety :)


...and you know what Laura would say... all together now... " A bad run is better than no run!" My friend secan is right.. end of a long day, what is there to be bothered about!

You had plenty of exercise! :)


Give yourself a break! Exercise does not have to be 'planned' it can just happen as part of your day. It sounds like you are getting plenty without putting on your trainers.


So you did a 15min run. That's no disaster. Your body is allowed an off day, so are you.

Let your muscles heel.and get back to it.



but you went further then your sofa! ;)


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