Two Runs Of W2 Down, One To Go!

Despite more side pain niggles, I managed a run this morning, and I actually really enjoyed myself - I had the biggest smile on my face once I'd finished :) I found it easier than I had on Monday, partly because I was back to running in the morning, which I always tend to prefer, but also because I realised I was basically running as fast as possible in the 90 seconds, and then wondering why I was so knackered after... xD Once I made a conscious effort to slow down though, things got much easier and I started to enjoy the runs more, so that's definitely something I'm going to have to remember for Friday's run xD Now time for a shower and some breakfast before starting revision again... Wooo...


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10 Replies

  • Well done - keep at it!

  • Don't go fast!! There is no need for speed at all! It is only week 2

    You say you have a niggle, so heed it and calm your pace, bringing it right down to slow jogs. You have to take care if you want to reach week 9 in one piece

    It is fun, but it's so easy to do too much too soon

  • I definitely didn't go fast consciously, and as soon as I realised I slowed right down and things got much easier. I blame the music on the podcast - some of it is so bouncy it makes me want to run as quick as it goes :P But, yes, definitely slowing things down from now on so I don't make things worse :)

  • I run to ABBA sometimes ( sad eh) and there is one track which is slow, but has a bounce to it.. I don't care how I look, it is such fun :) A roofer nearly fell off his ladder laughing at me !

  • Oooh, I bet ABBA would be good to run to, yes! :D Not sure I'd have the breath to sing along at the moment though :P It's one of the reasons I'm enjoying having no say about what's being played - I'm not tempted to sing along and make the run even harder xD

  • Thanks :)

  • Wtg Adler, glad you found it easier. Good luck with the revision

  • Thanks ^-^ Revision is not going as well as my run unfortunately as the sun is shining and I would far rather be outside than at my desk working. Ho hum :P

  • Slow, slow, slow slow slow.. ( No quick quick ) ! The art of enjoying the runs at this stage is relative to the time taken to do them :) ( Just made that up, but it sounded good!)

    Go you... ! Revise away!

  • xD Thanks :) (And it did sound good! :P) I'm definitely enjoying the runs more when I let myself not think and just sort of... Run... :P

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