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W1R3 done!

Well I have finished week one and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I tried the plan a few years back and didn't get to complete it. My knees are a little sore so I ran on grass at a local park and it did seem a little better. Going to take 1 week at a time and not spend my time worrying about what is coming up in future weeks. I love reading all the posts here and the support is amazing

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Well done! Yes, taking it one week at a time and slowly and steadily and you'll get there. And good on you for trying the grass out to help your knees. They will feel a bit sore at first, but hopefully will toughen up after a while.

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I started by running only on grass because of my knees. They are now so much stronger and occasionally I am tempted by the hard stuff.

Well done.

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