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Did i really just run for 3 minutes (W3 R1)

I cant really believe it... as a complete fitness-phobe im pretty chuffed ive got this far (and considering how bad the weather has been..)

Did my week 3 run today!!! I cant believe i actually did it all without stopping. Although i had a nice route planned out in my head, i ended up going a pretty funny way as i didnt want to pause for traffic lights.

Does anyone know of good websites/apps for nice running routes? There is a big park nearby but its 2.5km away so id just about run there in the 30min! I've tried mapmyrun but it always seems a bit glitchy...

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Hey - I think we posted at the same time! Woo hoo- we did it!!

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Congrats!! Love how we pretty much said the same thing too 😂 roll on the next run and good luck to you!


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