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The wheel came off W8R1

Well I've been progressing through the weeks without too many problems and have been impressed that apart from a few niggles, I haven't felt achy the day after runs.

I did W8R1 yesterday and I feel like I've been hit by a bus (full of elephants, holding rucksacks filled with concrete). I just don't understand it, I don't think I went any faster. The terrain was a bit different as I'm getting further as I run more and I did jump some puddles and tree roots- but not with any gusto. :(

I am feeling a bit better after a walk and some foam rolling (OUCH) but will need an extra rest day. Any advice appreciated :)

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See how you feel tomorrow, there's no harm in taking an additional rest day. (Assuming you aren't coming down with something).


Great description! I normally run on roads, but I know that on the rare occasions I do mild trail runs, I ache for days afterwards! It takes a lot more balance and you use your upper body to compensate as well as you are moving over rougher terrain.

No problem with taking an extra rest day or so - better to do that than to run when you are not feeling 100%.


That's really helpful Anniemurph

Still hurting but a bit better today😊

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