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Wk 7 Run 1 - warning oldie rambles on again😊

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Evening all. Was a little bit worried about today as it was my 1st evening run. Hubby had hosp appt early and it's a 40 min drive away (he doesn't drive)

So I had decided rather than muck my set run days about I'd go early evening.

Legs still not forgiven me for Saturday's heroic/foolish parkrun - delete as applicable 😁

Set off nice and gently - had decided to switch my listening from good old Laura's terrible choice in music and had downloaded Simon Mayo confessions podcast - aimed at taking my mind off the time and not letting the gremlins out.

Checked time at start then quick check at what I thought would be roughly half way (11 mins done) - was feeling ok - laughing along to myself at the podcast. Quick maths meant I would have covered 22 mins by time I was back at start point - so ok I'll add on a lap of the field. When I checked time again I'd done 27 mins - must have been a bit slower on way back but no extra lap needed.😊😊

So happy bunny tonight - I felt quite chilled - it was enough to get my heart rate up - but def sustainable for a few mins longer - so 30 mins no longer seems like an impossible dream!!

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That is great news, well done, you will make those 30mins no problem, Rfc x

brilliant post, you're running, listening to a podcast and doing maths! I just breathe.

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Bandit14Graduate in reply to Jalk

I find the more i think and try to control the breathing the worse it gets - def couldnt do this in n out in line with your steps lark 😊if I have to pant like a dog sometimes so be it - mostly now the heat is over it's just kinda normal just a bit quicker 😁

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Jalk in reply to Bandit14

I found that too, if I try to have a pattern for breathing it makes it harder. Just got back from week 5 run 1, the 3rd 5 min run felt longer than the first 2.

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Jalk in reply to Jalk

There's no music on my version, app says to use own music and Michael Johnson! talks to me every now and then.

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Bandit14Graduate in reply to Jalk

I haven't used the app - just the podcasts from the website - which all the runs have preset music - mostly it's been ok - just not really my genre. Not sure ACDC would be good for my running tho 😁

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Mayanow in reply to Bandit14

Me too!

Well done though on making it. Ps.Switching to funny podcasts is also my secret to success. I HATED that music!

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Bandit14Graduate in reply to Mayanow

Yes - now I'm not dependent on someone to tell me when to run or walk means I can just listen to whatever and keep an eye on the time - it's actually quite liberating 😁

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