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Speed podcast really works...

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I have slowly managed to up my speeds using the Speed podcast.

The other day i ran a 5k in 30 mins and 12 seconds.. Today I did my best speeds on the podcast.

I ran the first 5 mins @10kph, i ran all but one of the fast intervals at 12kph (dropped to 11kph on one), and all but one of the slow intervals at 10kph (I dropped to 9kph on one).

I have raised my base running speed from 8kph when i graduated to between 9.5kph and 10kph.

Next time is to see if i can keep to 10/12 intervals for all of them and not drop down.

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Gazter, I'm not at that level yet (just about to launch on W6R1) but your post has been so . helpful :-). I like these podcasts and have been wondering what to do post Laura's babysitting :-)! That speed 'poddy' sounds just right. That's the C25k+ yes? Good luck, congratulations and WOW, well done :-), Sara

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Well done, Gazter. I really like the Speed podcast too. I know it's short but it really challenges you and you've proved it helps your running, it's also a good one to do if you're short of time and can just nip out for a quick burst of something energetic!

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Hi Gazter, good to know they have helped you as I too have been wondering what to do after I hopefully graduate....how do you measure your time and distance....do you have a special measure thingy to do this.....Keep up the good work xx

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GazterGraduate in reply to pinkus

A special measure thingy? Yeah, it's called a treadmill.....

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pinkusGraduate in reply to Gazter

Ah I am running outside on the road...thought you may have had a special thing to measure time & distance...

Hi Gatzer, Well done! Keep up the good work. It is a concern post grad what to do? Same question as above-how do you measure your time and distance? I will be a Graduate this time next week-if all goes to plan! So need to plan my post grad runs now really. Was thinking of starting with stepping stones-have you tried that?

Colette x

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GazterGraduate in reply to Pearsey

Yes, I did Stepping Stones a couple of times, it is really tough. A lot tougher than you'll expect..

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pinkusGraduate in reply to Pearsey

Hi Pearsey its pinkus here just have a quick sqizz at the post swanscot left me on my blog, he gave some good advice which I am going to follow when I hopefully graduate in a few weeks, its a bit scary hey as its up to me now...hope you are going well.

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Pearsey in reply to pinkus

Lovely pinkus-I will do that-thanks for letting me know. Did run1 week 9 today-great stuff!

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Pearsey in reply to pinkus

Hi pinkus I can't get into your blog-has that silly Snap error coming up all the time. i got in, clicked to go into the post, and that's all I get. Can you recall what swanscott said please?

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pinkusGraduate in reply to Pearsey

Hi pinkus. Depending on how easy you find the Week 9 runs, initially you may wish to continue simply running for 30 mins three times a week for a week or two, with no pressure to go faster or further.

When you're ready to move on, the 5K+ podcasts are there and are designed to be used in any order and as frequently as you wish. A few of us have found Stepping Stones to be the easiest of the three. I only used that podcast once, as I found it was not helping me progress.

I, and several others, are spending a few weeks post-graduation doing one session using the Speed podcast, one session using Stamina and one session running to our own music, or running 'free' (with no music or other input). Sometimes I do a hill-running session in place of the intervals (Speed) session. A few sources I've read recommend only running an intervals training session once a week (it is a tough session!)

Hi Pearsey I had to cut & paste this so hope you get it ok, kind regards pinkus

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Pearsey in reply to pinkus

Thank you so much pinkus-it is exactly what I need. I didn't see this blog at the time.

Kind Regards,


Anniemurph profile image

Thanks for the info, Gazter. I''ve been wondering how to increase my speed but the C25K+ podcasts seem a little scary! It's good to know that this one is working for you.

notbad profile image

Great stuff, I've only done Speed once and really must give it another go. How many times a week have you been running with the Speed podcast?

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GazterGraduate in reply to notbad

i was out of the game for a while, but I have probably ran the speed podcast about a dozen times. It is enjoyable and the time passes really quickly.

I did a monster one the other day, i did the speed podcast, ran for a further five minutes and then did three more intervals..

Oldgirl profile image

Yeah another believer, I think the speed podcast is the best of them all for increasing your speed and stamina, I swear by it. Well done Gazter excellent times.

For those about to try it give it a go, you might find the first one hard but its short and sweet and if you put your all into the fast bursts its short and sweat! ;)

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Pearsey in reply to Oldgirl

Right-I'll give that a go and see how I go...Thanks for the advice all :-)

Hi, thanks for this post, I am about to try the speed podcast today so now really looking forward to it!

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GazterGraduate in reply to Rollertoaster

Let us know Rollertoaster how you get on!

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RollertoasterGraduate in reply to Gazter

Hi Gazter, I just posted on NewbieRunner's question about my experiences today with this podcast, but in essence,I think it's great! Really felt challenged, it felt more interesting doing intervals again and I was absolutely exhausted when I finished. I think it is one where I will be able to see progress relatively quickly (like throughout the weeks of C25K) so will be concentrating on this one for a while.

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I think the Speed podcast is great. I find it hard at the time and look at it more as a 'training session' rather than a fun run, but feel good about my effort when I've finished!

I can't give such detailed stats as Gazter which show my speed improving as I don't have a 5 km level route, so have to allow for incline and declines, but my overall pace has improved.

I'm currently using it once a week as several sources I read suggest doing interval training once a week, eg The Good Run Guide says "Intervals or Fartlek: Percentage of weekly distance = typically around 8% but not more than 30 minutes"


I did the Speed podcast today for the first time. Isn't it great? It didn't sound like such a big deal when I started out, especially with it being so much shorter, but I was really tired by the end and felt like I really had had a workout. Am looking forward to seeing how my speed improves over the coming weeks. Doing it once a week sounds like a good idea.

vixiej profile image

aaaahhhhhhhh bbbbelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!!! You've all converted me, now I know what I'm going to do next, thanks! :-D

sfb350 profile image

I've only done the Speed podcast on the cross trainer so far (to avoid impact to my hip bursitis) - it's tough because I think the cross trainer makes you take longer strides but I've enjoyed it. I think I may be ready to try it on the treadmill this week so your blog is very inspirational, Gazter. Thank you ! :-)

Gazter profile image

Thanks, unfortunately I have been in a hospital bed all week with a very nasty case of pancreatitis..,

No running for me for a while. (Not that it was the cause)

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